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Cool Class

This semester I have a very interesting group of students in my media writing 2 class. Media writing 2 is all about writing, telling a story, for the media of today and tomorrow. Today my students were divided into 4 groups that will rotate through 4 stations, each for a 2 week period. Group 1 […]

Why I Love Radio and Why I Make Radio Content?

Radio allows you to share incredibly rich ideas with a very diverse and dispersed group of people. Radio breaks free of social and economic confines. Radio allows you access to places you may never go, virtually. Radio is warm. I do radio because I believe that it is a free and accessible way to expose […]

Back At It.

After more than 2 months of silence it is time to get back to writing, thinking, pondering and publishing. How well do you deal with change? Education, media and scholarship are all undergoing a remarkable change. Some of the change we are witnessing is fundamental. Some of the change we are witnessing is psychological. And […]