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Give Me Sugar!

Do you have any idea how much sugar you are consuming? Nightline asked the question and what was surprising was the response. It would seem that many people do not realize that 1 tsp of sugar equals 4.2 grams of sugar. And how much time do you spend scrutinising the labels of the food you eat? Like […]

Double Standards?

So when it comes to medical check-ups for drivers, professional or recreational, shouldn’t we all be lumped together? Here is the article that our question came from. We had a discussion about the new medical check-up regulations that Dubai is bringing into effect, with a 1 year grace period, and while I put up my […]

Sabbatical from Work? Nahhhh

Nightline asked if you could take a sabbatical from your job what would you do? The follow-up question was does your employer facilitate sabbaticals? (below are a series of the SMS messages as I receive them without the contact details) One of the 1st sms messages to come in was from a guy who had […]

Why School?

I sit in my COM200 class, well I stand, but the same question is written all over the faces of my students, why does it matter? Why come to school? What are we really learning? Does it matter? YES and this is why. The most important realities are the hardest to see and talk about! […]

No Explanation Needed

Multi Channel Communication

I know, you are thinking what I have reduced myself to putting my class lectures into this space. Not yet. But I have been thinking a lot about the ways we send the intended message to our audience. As a public speaking coach I spend as much time talking about the visual delivery of the […]

Plan B is Plan A

I often get asked what is the greatest challenge I face as an educator. Engagement! I have been looking for answers to the engagement issue in all the wrong places. And then I found this! Time to start thinking in terms of the world those being educated are living in! Here is the link to […]


Too often we forget it is the simple things that make our day. Oh and don’t forget presentation does count. Maybe we should call that customer service 101.

New Classroom

Here it is my classroom. I call it breaking out of the box. Are you willing and or able to do your job in the public eye?

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