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Education Via Artistry

I think we spend a lot of time trying to figure out where and how to get the best education hit. Well last night I spoke to Gayathri on Nightline and realized that some of the best education happens along the way. For instance how d we learn to be a good, maybe great, marketer? We […]

Education Failure?

When it comes to being ethical consumerism are we a society of failures and excuse makers? I mean really, last night on Nightline we had a conversation about being ethical when we are consuming, thinking about where our stuff comes from and the conditions the stuff  is being made in. The upshot was that I […]

In the Cards?

Oh those credit cards. Debt is a huge issue that it seems we really need to do a better job teaching people about. Are we taking a course call “debt management” in school? Not any school I went to. Yet, we all seem pretty good at accumulating debt and pretty bad at knocking it down. […]

Bad Boss? What to do?

How many of us have had a bad boss? I suspect the big issue is not good versus bad but how things are communicated. And when we get into communication the real issue becomes how conflict is being worked through. It is at this point that all breaks down. Conflict in the workplace is common […]

Bucket of Chicken Please!

I had Marcus Smith on Nightline and as usual we were talking fitness, as you do on a Sunday. The things we talk about on Nightline are actually very educational! Well what about being a professional athlete and endorsing a bucket of fried chicken? I suppose that is not much different than a cola company sponsoring […]

Ditch the Mobile!

So, do you think you would be more productive in the workplace if you didn’t have that old mobile available during working hours? Funny, a good portion of the people we spoke to on Nightline actually thought the old personal mobile being used during work hours isn’t a bad thing at all. Can you imagine […]

Thin Complex?

Is it possible that with all the talk of healthy living and healthy diet we have lost track of what healthy means? Take a look a the images of ‘healthy’ people in magazines, on TV and even in the papers. Does healthy mean uber thin, maybe? It would seem, given the conversation on Nightline that […]

Is It Safe to Cross the Street?

There is no clear rule when it comes to pedestrian etiquette and street crossing, so it seems. I had a conversation on Nightline where I asked the simple question, are pedestrians a road hazard or are motor vehicle operators the problem. Interesting take on things actually. Hereford was my 1st caller framing the issue very […]


Are you a fan of microvideo? Do you even know what microvideo is? Check out www.tout.com, 15 second videos, microvideo from a smartphone. What is interesting is that some of the worlds leading media is jumping onto this idea. As always the question becomes are we as educators keeping our students up to date? Here […]

Love these guys!

Last night I had a chance to talk with 2 of the members of Beat Antenna, very cool. What always amazes me is how we can always find the time for the things we love and the things we love are more often than not the things we do best. There is a message to […]

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