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How well do you take advice? Or are you one of those annoying people who feel that you have a life of success and failure to share and look for any opportunity to dispense your own brand of advice? Then of course there is the recipient, how well do you take advice? I have found […]

Another Office

How many places can you get work done? One of the challenges of internship supervision is managing wait and travel time. I have used cafes to get a head start on email and even parking lots! More than one had turned as I was working out of the car. Education without walls literally.


We live in interesting times. Yet, we seem to be very much wed, maybe even fatally locked into a way of thinking that is based on a dream or even myth! I am talking about our expectations. And specifically our healthcare expectations. Do our hospitals and clinics need to look like a 5 star hotel? […]

Nice office.

It is amazing the number of people working in cafes! I had a 30 minute break and set up my office.

What if Education was like shopping?

Education as consumerism? Uhhh why isn’t it? Listen to this piece about Warby Parker Eye Glass stores and online slaes. Now tell me why we aren’t doing more of this wen it come to education? Small, boutique style experiences where you get the┬áspecialised tools as you need them. I suspect if we thought more this […]

The Race For Cool Education.

Last night on Nightline we were speaking about technology and such, as we always do on a Tuesday. What came to mind was the same old question, how to make what we teach in the classroom, at the university but really any level, engaging. But at the same time we are thinking about engaging students […]

What you can learn from Samoa.

How often are you looking for innovation in business? And how often does that innovation you are looking for get tied to technology? Maybe what we really need is a dose of common sense? Now usher in the entire airline industry who are looking to make a profit based on flying weight, human or otherwise, […]

Are we dieting obsessed?

So, are we obsessed with dieting was the question asked on Nightline, and the answer is YES! Look at the not so scientific research. If you do a dieting book search on Amazon.com what do you get, 69,128 results! If we do the same search on Barnes and Noble’s sight we get a staggering 116,905 […]

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