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How much thought about public space safety?

How much thought are you giving to the safety of the public space you are in? What I am not talking about is security in the sense that might immediately come to mind as in police safety. What about the safety of the physical environment? The chairs, the equipment, the railings, the tiles… all those […]

Daisygrim on Nightline.

One my favorite times of the week is when we get the opportunity to bring a local band into the studio for a talk and a play. This time around we had the pleasure of chatting with the boys from Daisygrim. And no the band name has nothing to do with fairy tales but instead […]

White Points Do They Matter To You?

So it is no joke that there are pretty awful drivers in any country. And it is not joke that we need to find an incentive to make people want to drive better. Fines while a great big stick just don’t do the job 100% So the Dubai Police have come up with a novel […]

Bring on the Balcony Police!

Yes it is back, the balcony patrol! Sharjah is back in the news as it rolls out a fresh wave of patrols to make sure that balconies are clutter free. Nightline asked what you thought of this initiative? 250 Dirhams is the fine for having laundry, storage boxes or a satellite dish on your balcony […]