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Great Music in the Middle East Yea!

Every Wednesday at 9pm Nightline, the night time talk destination, becomes and indie (independent) music outlet. Paul Kelly from Triplew.me joins me with a stack of cds or maybe a band in tow and we talk about artists you may never have heard of. And these artists are local or in the region, how cool is […]

Public Personal Grooming the New Norm?

So when did personal, yes I said personal, grooming become a public activity? Maybe the fact that we share so much of our private life in public spaces like facebook, twitter, instagram and the like we now feel that a little floss while commuting on the metro or makeup application on the bus is ok? […]

Tourism Overload?

Nightline asked if it is ever possible to reach a point where we might say there are too many tourists? The provocation for the question was a 7days article that pointed out the increased number of tourist planes flying over the JBR area. JBR, by the way, is a tourist area full of people and […]

Walking is it a lost art?

So why don’t we walk? Some might say it is a safety thing. 7Days has suggested that there may even be life and death issues to consider. Maybe the issue is we are just lazy? Maybe we just look for any excuse to enjoy the luxury of a cab, bus, car or rickshaw. I did […]

End of the Shelf for Local Grocery?

Abu Dhabi has set the date of December 31, 2013 for local grocery stores to come into compliance with renovation rules. Here is an article to get you thinking. The question we asked on Nightline is whether or not you would actually miss the local grocery if it became more institutional? Text Visual If the local […]

Put it Back On!

What is appropriate to wear and what is inappropriate to wear? This question gets even more traction when you start to have the conversation in relation to the workplace. And unfortunately all eyes tend to turn to the female employees. Not that men don’t, on occasion, dress in a manner that may be deemed offensive, but […]

Fake Stuff is Bad?

It is estimated that the market for fake goods, globally, is worth over 250 billion US dollars. You can get pretty much anything fake these days. And we seem to have an insatiable appetite for vanity products like watches and handbags that are well beyond our means to afford. On the other hand if we […]

End the Week With a Tune!

Even I have to admit that there are times in radioland where we get caught up in the moment. Not that being caught int he moment is a bad thing, but we can make a mountain out of a mole hill. One of my favorite parts of the Nightline week is Wednesday’s at 9pm when […]

Parents Get it Right?

How good of a parent are you? There are some questions being asked about how protective we should actually be of our children. Some people say we are right on track and others feel we maybe need to let go a little. A recent study doesn’t paint the brightest picture   Some actually feel that […]

Buckle-up for Safety or Not.

To wear a seatbelt or to not wear a seatbelt that was the Nightline question. Here I am thinking that anyone and everyone would think the idea of NOT wearing a seatbelt crazy talk. Well I was wrong.  I see ppl get fat and diabetes doesn’t mean I quit eating junk food. Why would seatbelt […]

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