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Back In January

We are taking a break. We have gone fishing.             If you want to grab some past Nightline shows here is where to look. We will be back in January with more radio and commentary about this, that and the other thing.  

Need Film Festivals?

So, we asked the very simple question on Nightline, “do we need film festivals in the age of technology?” I thought it was a good question given YouTube, Vimeo and the draw of the internet to all sorts of content. What is the point of a film festival anyway? Well these are a few sites […]

Buy Why?

Here is a wonderful question. Have you been hooked by a misguided global consumer culture? You know the signs of a victim, the person who wants to have the latest and greatest stuff but does not really need it. And Christmas time doesn’t help things at all. Maybe the fact that we want and spend […]

What Do Our Youth Need To Be Taught Today?

So, are we doing a good job teaching youth today? Is it enough to figure the standard education will get our youth ready for the future? I am not so sure we are really preparing our children for the future as much as sitting back with a smug smile feeling that today’s youth have had […]

Thoughts on Gift Giving.

Is it possible that the whole idea of gift giving has lost its meaning? Have we been brainwashed by marketing machines to believe that a gift’s value is measured by its monetary value and that alone? Well as much as we want to say there is more to gift giving than the weight of our […]

Inspired by Regional Music

I have got to be the luckiest person in the UAE! Every week Paul Kelly joins me in studio from triplew.me and I get to listen to some of the most amazing artists in the region. Here is what happened last night. Here are the show notes. BEDROOM JAM 2012. First part – Red Bull Bedroom […]

Can You Say NO!

There is no question we have a lot of obligations. Sometimes there are things we must do, sometimes there are things we want to do and there there are things we think we should do. The reality is we need to make choices. I asked those listening to Nightline what they though about being able to […]

So Long Letter Writing?

Are we looking into the abyss when it comes to the art of writing letters? It is funny actually, we talk, moan, lament and maybe even cry a bit about how we are not writing letters like we did a short time ago but few if any are doing anything about it. I mean making […]

Women? Expectations out of Sync?

So I sat down in the DubaiEye Studio and asked the very simple question, “are women being held to unreasonable expectations in today’s global society?” I started the conversation looking at the road many women are walking in the industrialized 1st world. We have the mother, the wife, the CEO, the care giver, the chef the […]