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Internet loss?

Four out of five young people feel ‘lost’ without internet Survey of under-25s finds that most are dependent upon the internet for activities ranging from cooking to illness diagnosis. Why are we spending so much time lamenting the fact that the internest, Google, has become the new educator? In the classroom we are fighting the […]

Photo Cool.

In the world of mobile phone photos what could you do or would you do with an old school camera? The Fortieth Parallel North America’s bisecting line of latitude captured by photographer Bruce Myren’s large-format Deardorff camera Here is what it is all about. The line N 40° 00’ 00” roughly bisects the county and […]

Easy Inspiration!

We went up to Oman for a weekend and left with a great mental health reset!  

2 1/2 Minutes?

So what can you do in 2 1/2 minutes? I often wonder why we academics don’t take our classes and reduce them into 2 1/2 minute review capsules. My students are not only multi-tasking but they are consuming content via multiple screens. So where can we get a sample of 2 1/2 minute content montages? […]

Smell is so under considered!

When I sit with my students and talk about creating a story one of the most important issues that comes to mind is the smell. As you construct your story do you consider smell? Beyond the perfume you wear or soap you scrub with do you give any consideration to environment or product smell? If […]

No Way!

Microsoft has showed off research that takes us significantly closer to a Star Trek-style universal translator: natural language translation, in real time, in the user’s own voice. Tell me this isn’t something we all want to have kicking around in our bag of tricks? I found this on ReadWrite.com. Natural user interface demonstrated! Imagine what this does […]

And Now Behold the Locus

There is a lot to be said about the local music scene in the UAE. What I love about the people I get to talk to is the inspiration injection. Behold the Locus is a group of working guys who make amazing music on the side. Do what you love and just keep doing it! […]

Shady Ahmed

I love it when we get to listen to some fantastic indie music. Shady Ahmed, WOW! Here is a guy who really is a creative force and inspiration to listen to. This is one of those podcasts you want to share with friends and students! But listen to the tunes! And one more! This has […]


I love my iStuff but I have to tell you I am not so sure that Apple is doing me as many favors as some would have us believe. Sure the iPad is cool and sure the mini us neat but do I need either when I have a perfectly good iPhone? I love this […]

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