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Record me!

In this age of technology have you ever given any thought to recording your life? This is from boingboing probably the best website out there. The camera has no buttons. (That’s right, no buttons.) As long as you wear the camera, it is constantly taking pictures. It takes two geotagged photos a minute with recorded […]

William H Macy

This is simply a great interview! I love the conversation about his wife!


There is no shortage of tools to use with your phone and the net. I love the look of Bambuser it is a streaming service from your phone, here is a sample. Bambuser lets you broadcast live and interactive video from your mobile phone, webcam or DV camera — and it’s free! And this service works […]

What a great story!

I hope all my students watch this and imitate it!

Lessons from Virgin

Cool hunting did a great interviewwith Richard Branson! This is a great interview and worth reading. How did the Virgin logo come about? From the man himself. Where did the Virgin logo come from? It’s become an iconic design in its own right. We used to have a fairly hippie-based logo, which was a Roger Dean painting […]

Samsung Oh Boy!

iPhone or Samsung? I love the way this ad campaign paints another picture. The culmination of the crusty-iPhone meme is Samsung’s recent television ad, the latest move in the company’s year-long campaign to damage the hipster-hyped image of the iPhone. The scene takes place in a line on a sidewalk outside what could be an […]

Just Funny

So we had the amazing jump from near space and now this! So what is next? I wonder how far we can actually go to promote a brand?

Walrus Cool!

What if you were to go to a town and gather the stories of the place! Record them, document them and write and perform a play of the collection of stories! Have you had a look at Walrus? Take a look at how the project works. It is pretty basic. The Tale of a Townis […]

The James Journal

Here we go with another week. I begin with the Nightline roundup. I like to call it Nightline in a nutshell, 8 hours of talk reduced to 8 minutes. If you want to catch any of the full podcasts click to the podcast home. What did we do in my classes? In COM315, media writing […]

Business Education via Music

One of the positive benefits of doing a nightly talk show on DubaiEye is that I get to explore ideas that might not actually seem very connected. In this installment we were talking to Lisa about her life and education. Well wouldn’t you know it there seems to be a keen parallel between music and business […]

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