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James’ Journal for the week ending September 29

James’ Journal for the week ending September 29 We are still only weeks into the semester but there is no question this is going to be a busy one. The internship students have submitted their paperwork and we are waiting to hear back from the potential internship sites. What is becoming clear to me is […]

5 More Years

I love it when I come across something that makes me actually stop what I am doing and think. AdWeek had a great piece that did just that. And I had no idea Nike had a campaign running called  Designed to Move. So what is the deal? Want to hear something horribly depressing? (No? Too […]

Juice it!

How do you start your day or end your day? I like a nice fresh juice. Cucumber, beet, ginger, carrot, broccoli all mashed together into a drink. Good to the last drop!

Video From a Mobile Phone

This is a pretty amazing tool really. I am constantly surprised by how the power of creativity is being harnessed through the mobile. Sure with Magisto you lose the creativity of editing BUT you gain the creativity of information collection. What I find interesting is how you can play with information and get it to […]

A New Way of PR!

This is spot on! Is this the future of PR?

Welcome to the World of US TV!

Have you seen this? I had no idea that the INTERNET ARCHIVE even existed! The Internet Archive is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an Internet library. Its purposes include offering permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public to historical collections that exist in digital format. Founded […]

What do I do?

James’ Journal Sept 22 Every week, time permitting, I use this opportunity to recap what I have been doing in my professional and academic life. This week at Zayed University classes were in full swing and students began to settle into the routine. In my COM315 class, Media Writing 2, we got down to business […]

The Basic Tools?

What do my students need and what do I need as a professor? Today in my New Media class I wanted my students to play with PTCH and realized this was harder than I thought! This is a cool tool but it needs an iPhone and only an iPhone, not all have these. Then we needed […]

James’ Journal for the week ending September 14

  It is actually incredible the number of things we do and learn in a week. Through this weekly journal I am going to try to distill down what lessons have been learned, on a weekly basis, from my academic and professional activities. If there is a word to describe my week it is BUSY. […]

The power of surprise.

The surprise I am talking about is not that one you get when you jump out and make a person scream in shock. What I am talking about is the ability to exceed expectation, make a person’s jaw drop, invite a wow statement. When you surprise a person by delivering beyond their expectation you can […]

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