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Summer 9-Back to School!

And the 1st thing we all need to read is this! Why we need to get mobiles into the hands of students! Yes you read correct. We need to be thinking in terms of the 4th screen that is used with different space and time implications. Lets face it the phone is everywhere, even in […]

Summer 8- Extraordinary Women

Another must read! I think what we need more than ever is to have an idea what others are doing to be reminded that every little thing matter! LAURA PINCUS HARTMAN Founder, Zynga.org The DePaul University professor persuaded her brother, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus, to engage millions of gamers whose contributions have built schools and […]

Summer 7.7-Just love this song!

What I love about this video is they are using the instruments from a classroom! Very cool! And tell me this isn’t the song of the summer?

Summer 7-Meetings are coming

This is a must read! HOW TO HAVE A GREAT MEETING 1. Throw out the least necessary person at the table. 2. Walk out of the meeting if it lasts more than 30 minutes. 3. Do something productive today to make up for the time you spent here.