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Summer 6-Students Rock

How about this? Once a month, Chicago-area high school students make a trip to the Tribune Tower, home of the Chicago Tribune, to discuss the next issue of The Mash, a student-generated newspaper. Launched in 2008, the program has now expanded to more than 200 high schools in Chicago and nearby suburbs, reaching 175,000 teenagers weekly. I […]

Summer 5- Why Re-invent the Classroom?

As an educator I spend a lot of time trying to fashion together what I think is the perfect learning experience. Like may educators I do get it wrong sometimes. The problem that I confront is materials. Textbook vs handouts. YouTube vs DVD. Experience vs today’s reality. Honestly the challenges are great when it comes […]

Summer 4- Attention Please

OK this is a book I have to read and I think you should also! Ryan Holiday a guy to follow for sure!

Summer 3- Best Designed Newspaper

OK so if you are trolling the world of newspapers what is the best newspaper out there? One place you might want to go to get an idea, beyond your won taste, for what makes a great newspaper is the Society for Newspaper Design. This year 5 Newspapers made it to the final list! Here […]

Summer 2- Burger Reality

OK, I admit it I love a good burger. Yes I know they can be full of stuff that may be rather unhealthy if eaten in the extreme. But a good burger is a good burger. I am also the guy who asks why the burger in the picture and the burger in the wrapper […]