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Summer 1- Take that

Here we go with the summer installment of Jamesed. Look, I will be 100% honest, I take the summer off. I turn off the computer, unplug twitter and leave Facebook hanging. But once a week, on Sunday, I will post a little ditty to keep both of us thinking. You know I am a GapingVoid […]

For the LOVE of sound

We think of the look of our message. We talk script, and we talk film process but we are thinking 99% of the time about visuals, we don’t spend enough time thinking about the package and the role of sound in that package The envelope of sound is very important but the left over in […]

Smartphone Power!

I sometimes think we are losing track of the mobile revolution. Actually I am not sure that many have even got on the mobile revolution train yet! But there is still time to figure things out. There are some very cool tools coming online to make mobile phones the must use classroom tool. Take crowdoptic […]

The Perfect Book Store!

Here we are at a crossroads. We have technology that is putting electronic books in our hands 24/7. But we also still have a traditional book industry that is still alive, maybe not so well though. So what is the future of the traditional bookstore today? What do we want our bookstore to look like? […]

On Time? Nah…

What has happened to our sense of responsibility? When did we start making excuses for why we can’t be there on time? Seems that as things speed up we are becoming less able to manage our time. So what do we do about this? Maybe we need some outside help to get us back on […]

Saudi Arabia and HipHop!

4 words I am sure you would never expect to read in the same sentence Saudi, Arabia, Hip and Hop. But yes there is a thriving Arabian Hip Hop culture and would you believe that Saudi Arabia, on MIX FM actually has a Hip Hop show? Well it is true! I had an opportunity to […]

Summer Work, What If…

I remember the good old summers gone by when the kids on the street might ask to mow the lawn, paint the fence, wash the car basically work as street vendors. Well they were on the street. And then I remember going to Mexico where the street vending mentality was a way of life, maybe […]

What makes good teaching.

The question about teaching and what makes it good has been one I ask on a daily basis. Is what I am doing working? How could my teaching be better? Does what I do really matter? I suspect many ask the same questions. Here is a great post from presentationzen┬áthat really helps to focus the […]

Is the media too violent?

We like to talk about media violence but do we really care? It would seem we do but the problem is we are pretty sure there is nothing we can do about it. The media is driven by money. Consumer are to busy seeking to be entertained. Governments are busy. Here is an interesting conversation.

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