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Motivation in the oddest place.

We get a shot of inspiration in the strangest places. How about Lionel Ritchie? I love this guy and his story. Things happen around us and we are too caught up in the moment to know what is going on. Sometimes we need to listen to our landscape. Give this interview a watch.

Do we need rules anyway?

On Nightline we asked which rules we are willing to break and which rules we stick to. It seems that when it comes to driving we are willing to cut a few corners. But if we are willing to cut corners when it comes to rules of the road which other rules are we willing […]

Just cool!

If you had a bit of spare time, imagine what you could do! Melvin the Mini Machine from HEYHEYHEY on Vimeo.

Culture Shock

Ever wonder where the talk of culture shock came from? As it turns out a Canadian anthropologist. Kalvero Oberg suggested that, Oberg was the father of a very influential theory: culture shock. In 1954, while working on development projects for the United States government, Oberg gave a talk to the Women’s Club of Rio de […]

How to say GoodBye

So we all think about how we will say goodbye when we leave our job. I love this short video from Bruno Aziza as he packs in Microsoft. I need to think of my own departure from Zayed University.

Culture Ignored?

Even with all the signs to dress respectfully in Dubai people still chose to thumb their noses, amazing.

How do we see people?

Sad but true we see people, STILL, not for what they know or their ability but based on where they are from. Worth, STILL, is tied to ethnicity. We see this in bright colour when we look at the hiring practices in the UAE. An Indian and an American doing the same job are likely […]

What am I missing?

Ok it seems pretty clear to me that smoking can be very bad for the health. And yes they are a legal substance. But given the health issues shouldn’t we do what we can to get people off of them? And if we need to make it harder to buy smokes isn’t that a good […]

Augmented Reality

The world we live in is set to become a whole lot more engaging and this has to be a good thing. I had a conversation with Dr. Anna Wilson about embedding virtual information in objects or places and what this means to education. Oh and then there is also business and government to consider, […]

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