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great motivation from everest

Leanna Shuttleworth is one of those 19 year old women that is totally unassuming, on track and totally engaging. http://www.leannashuttleworth.com/2/post/2011/09/new-blog.html  And it doesn’t hurt that she has done the 7 Summits with Everest having just been checked off her list. Did I mention she turned 19 on the trip? I know what you are thinking, yea some […]

Bring on the books!

One of the things I continue to be amused by is the number of people who say the book is dead. Then you turn around and there is a whole new publication kicking you in the face. So what is it they are dead or what? Narain Jashanmal the GM of Jashanmal Books joined me […]

What about Body Image?

I wonder if we are really taking the role of media influencing youth seriously? I had a conversation on Nightline about the impact of images in magazines on the self perception of our youth and nobody seemed interested!

Gig me.

I have always said that culture is our story and that story is formed where we live. So UAE culture is as much the Emirati as it is the expat who calls the UAE home. That being said how do we promote our local culture? By creating an environment for creativity! One such environment is […]

Men and Women?

Do men and women really want to be treated the same? Here is the Nightline show that asked that very question.   It was a bit surprising that the women said EQUALITY and them men were saying that there are differences.  

The end of common sense?

I really do wonder if the world has gone mad? How can we ever hope that people will be able to get along, in a global context, just look at the mess in the newspapers. We have terrorists, pirates, riots, political chaos and much more that all can probably be traced back to the simple […]

Inspire me!

I think one of the biggest problems today, whether it be at school, in business, at home even, is that we are not inspired. We are so caught up in the moment that we don’t tend to see the bigger picture! Or we are so caught up in the moment trying to direct and manipulate […]

Where are the limits?

I am sure you saw the Time cover in the US last week. The question that this leaves us asking is whether or not this is going too far to sell magazines or is this a legitimate way to bring the topic to our attention? And is the topic about breastfeeding? Hmmm… I personally was […]

Dubai Music

Every so often you turn on the radio, my show of course, and you discover something that you had no idea existed. In this case Paul Kelly of Triplew joined me to introduce some homegrown Dubai musical talent. We went from hip-hop to fusion to rock and we could have probably kept going. What I find […]

Lost your trust?

Have you looked in the mirror lately? Well it is time to look at yourself through the inner mirror. What has happened to your trust? Have you lost trust in your fellow man? It would seem to me that more than ever we have gone from trusting people to figuring that everyone is out to […]

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