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Language Matters?

It is interesting being an expat in the UAE. But it is also odd how easy it is to live without actually engaging with the UAE culture. A big piece of that culture is the language. So many expats living in the UAE and so few making any real effort to learn Arabic, I include […]

Kids to Life!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bring your kids drawings to life? Well here it is! Here is the short and sweet of what it is all about. Creative mom Wendy Tsao sets out to strengthen that relationship with Child’s Own Studio, which she founded to make custom stuffed plushie toys based […]


So how are you dealing with conflict? I have said it before and will say it again, we need to have some serious training on how to deal with conflict. Why don’t we have any? What is clear is that we are muddling through and maybe we could be doing a lot better. Here is […]

Kids With Ideas

What are your thoughts about teens today? Have you seen how they dress? Have you watched them use phones, tv, computers, games and eat all at the same time? Generally the youth of today get a bad rap. Well let me tell you not to lose hope. I had a chance to talk to 4 […]

When did we stop caring about the environment?

We talk big about the environment BUT are we doing anything on the micro/personal scale? Look around and you know what not a heck of a lot is being done. You and I are full of excuses. What a shame. He have a great opportunity to create change and we are letting it slip by. […]

Smell This!

Frank Baker is by and far one of the most prolific media literacy resource collectors in America. When we thought about media literacy 30 years ago the terrain was pretty bare. Today media literacy includes 4 screens and an assault on the senses. Think Lovemarks! What about the senses? Here are some great links, smells […]

Great Story.

We all know that a good story can sell anything. What I am surprised about is the lack of storytelling that is going on these days in our corporations. The problem is obvious, the tools to tell the stories of our lives have simply developed faster than our ability to engage them. The result is […]

Love this idea!

How do we talk about a product? I thought “my 1st car story“, was a really interesting idea. Hmmm… how can we apply this to a lecture at University? Imagine a lecture mashup!

Why not a 4 day work week?

So who exactly is responsible for the rule that we need to work 5 days a week? When we get a long weekend the euphoria is clearly felt. So why not make every day a 3 day weekend? I asked this question and THE ONLY people who were against it were business leaders! The fear […]

Who would have thought?

I have seen these in Canada, the famed Inuksuk, but never in the UAE! And yet here we see one in Old Town Dubai in front of the Palace Hotel, very cool. I always find it interesting how ideas cut the cultural barriers.  

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