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Word of Mouth?

You know what is disappearing today? A good work of mouth review system. Sure we have twitter and facebook but unless you are in the moment you can’t really follow what people think about things. And what happens if you are an expat in a place like Dubai how are you ever going to know […]

Food 1st Aid

I don’t get it? We all need to eat and we need to be able to wack together a meal, especially when we are broke, yet how are we suppose to learn the skills? I guess the idea is we pick up kitchen and food skills from the air! The days of home economics are […]

Student Power

One of the most under used resources is our youth. We know this, we talk about youth all the time BUT are we doing anything about it? No. Well I am doing my part, sure I am patting myself on the back but hey what are you doing? I make it possible for students at […]

The TEDxZU file

I  have been a part of many TEDx events since 2009. I co-curated the 1st TEDxDubai with Giorgio Ungania in 2009, an amazingly HUGE event right out of the blocks. Then I found my home in events that are youth and education centered. Education centered in that they are organized by schools. TEDxAbuDhabiU was my […]

Physical Commuication

Do you read cool hunting? Cool Hunting pointed me towards yet another way to communicate. There exist few limits to a child’s potential for creativity, and the blocks that accumulate on the playroom floor may seem equally boundless as kids are left to explore. Breaking down the boundaries between various branded construction sets like K’Nex, […]


The 6th TEDxZU was a 1st. We took the TEDxZU experience out of the random public space of the atrium into the auditorium of the University. For all that was lost in the random spontaneous aspect of the show what we gained was a huge amount of credibility. At this event we had HE Sheikh Nahyan […]

Martin Short DIY in Career Planning

Martin Short is an excellent example of how a career can develop and keeping your focus on what you do. I love his take on the idea of being an entertainer! Martin Short is one of those people I would love to have around a dinner table, not for his comedy but for the conversation […]

7 Summits with Leanna Shuttleworth

I had the opportunity to meet Leanna Shuttleworth and hear her story. I love the fact that I have an opportunity to do a radio show, Nightline, on DubaiEye and meet people that I might actually meet at TED. Leanna has a great message at the end of the interview, appreciate what we have around us and see […]

TED-Ed this is cool.

TED has an incredible reach and for a long time I have been wondering how to get TED content into the classroom. Not that TED videos aren’t interesting and enlightening but they could be even more powerful if they were specifically directed to students in a way that meshed with curriculum. That day has arrived! […]

A Little TED remix

What I love about attending TED ,in my case TEDActive in Palm Springs, is the fact that you are always introduced to another way to add purpose to your story. This year there was a wonderful remix summary of TED played out at the end of the conference and it did not disappoint.   Wouldn’t it […]

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