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Make it!

One of my favorite magazines is MAKE. I love this magazine because even a guy like me who is hopeless with a soldering iron can dream and actually do. The other thing about this magazine is it gives you a way to actually think about taking an idea to prototype. And sometimes the most obvious […]

Social Media Out of Control!

It isn’t just social media that is out of control it is electronic distraction. Too much time, in my house, is being consumed by the Xbox, YouTube and any other number of distractions that are electronic enabled. AHHHHHHHHHHH LET IT STOP! We, my wife and I, are pretty much at the end of the rope. […]

How to think about thinking.

One of my favorite resources is the Duarte website and blog. And pretty much every time I read something on the Duarte blog I have a new door opened! This week I was introduced to Dan Roam, how did I miss him is what I am wondering? Dan is all about the thought process. What […]

Student Radio!

There are a lot of ways to create and manage student media today. And to be honest students, high school students, are very media savvy today. But what about students not pretending to do radio but actually doing it for real? How often to we hear students on our local commercial or national radio networks […]

How to get things done.

There is no magic pill that gives you more time or more energy to get through all the things you have to do. But you can be more organized and focused. Every now and then I stumble upon some ideas on time management and project management that make me take notice. One of the resources […]

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