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Old School from New School

It is funny really how when we think of innovation we seem to be grasping at straws to find the next best thing. And for some reason when we think of that next best thing we are looking at some technomodified gadget or means of disseminating information that is iEnabled or, well you get the […]

When is the message not the message.

So, who said we don’t use sex to sell on tv? But liquid plumber? Is this going too far? Or is this just being creative?

24 hour projects!

OK this is cool. This is what I want my Zayed University students to be doing TODAY! The 24 hour magazine project, oh yea! Go check them out. Here is what it is all about. We have made our goal a full day before the magazine even starts production. That is so amazing. We will […]

What will print media look like in 10 years?

If I knew what the state of the print media would be in 10 years I would be a millionaire. But what we all know is the rate of change in skills needed to do anything is rapidly outpacing our imagination. Success in media is not just about what you know but how you can […]

Simply Cool.

Innovation is really about looking at the world around us and imagining what might be! These boards are just too cool and the fact that they use coco husks is amazing!

Middle East Music

Triplew.me‘s Paul Kelly joins me every other week on Nightline every other week to talk music, photography and film that is independently produced in the middle east. I never cease to be amazed by what Paul comes up with. What is clear to me, more than ever, is that the UAE and other countries in the […]

Just Amazing!

Are you reading the Duarte Blog? We are in the midst of a visual revolution or return really. When you think about it, go back to 3000 BC the 1st forms of communication codified on clay tablets were visual. Then we have Egypt, visual. China and early writing! Visual. And then in and around 751AD […]

Plan fitness like your retirement!

How many of us have detailed plans for our retirement? And how many of us have taken a bit of time to plan our career? And do we plan and work on our relationships? I suspect most would answer yes and to what degree for each question. What about your life fitness? Do you have […]

We need manifestos!

  I love the idea of writing a manifesto! What does the word “revolutionary” mean to you? Is it questioning the status quo, finding better ways to get the work done, choosing a challenge over something tried-and-true? Read more: HOW Magazine Blog | HOW Design Live is Bringing a Design Revolution to Bostonhttp://blog.howdesign.com/how-conference/you-say-you-want-a-revolution/#ixzz1mMPK56P1 For great design […]

6 Word Story?

We spend a lot of time teaching our students to write essays, news stories, press releases and the list goes on. What about combining words an images to create a complete story? What if you did it every day? Here are some samples from http://sixwordstoryeveryday.com/?et_mid=533708&rid=233339100                       […]

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