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MITx a great Idea.

MIT has consistently pushed the education envelope. One of the greatest challenges to any education institution is how to take what is happening inside the walls to a larger community. Think ideas and think finances. What we are talking about is a win win. What if I could get a million people doing courses and […]

The Power of the Muppets p2

Google+ and the Muppets. This just works so well on so many levels.  

Alternative Presentation

Lately I have been looking at how my students are presenting ideas and I realize that they are caught in the PowerPoint box. Of course not literally but they are generally not thinking about how they are presenting ideas and instead getting caught up with the noise. Video artists Mac Premo and Oliver Jeffers summed […]

Keep records.

When I did my Ph.D a whole lot of time was spent in the Canadian Archives going through memos and letters and very random pieces of paper. Today, because of the digital environment we live in we spend far too little time collecting the bits and pieces of our lives that become a very interesting piece […]

New, well old, Tools

I have been using Evernote for a while and can’t figure out why it isn’t a must use tool for every student? And professors/teachers should also be at the front of the Evernote line. What I really like about this tool is the ability it gives me to take my work anyplace! And the fact […]

More than you want to know

Livestream has got to be one of my favorite places on the Internet. You name it, from National Geographic to a local radio station, it is being broadcast to the world through Livestream. And what I really love about Livestream content is the simple fact that this alternative content is easy to find and watch. […]

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