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The Power of YouTube and AC/DC

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjBqZfXgvXg[/youtube] Mark Hurst, Mr Gel, included this link at the end of his latest newsletter. I love the idea that someone has go to the trouble! And over 538,000 people have taken a look. Don’t ask why, ask why not!  

Laugh and Think

I have just wrapped up another round of exams in my classes at Zayed University. And I can’t help but look at the results and ask if I have achieved my goal. The goal being very simply to make my students laugh and think. And of course there is the application of the laughter and […]

Cervical Cancer on your mind?

I am not a woman and I do not have a cervix BUT the issue of cervical cancer is a very serious issue and one that brings with it a bit of controversy. Here is an interview I did on DubaiEye during the Nightline show. I spoke with Charmaine D’Souza and Dr. Amala. Find them on […]

Tech Review

As you may or may not know I also spend a bit of time on DubaiEye 103.8FM with Nightline. One of the parts of the show I really enjoy is talking a look at some of the new technology out there and doing some hands on testing. We looked at 2 items last night on the […]

Career Plans?

How much career planning are you doing or have you done? I know several people who have mapped things out and have pretty well followed the road-map. My plan has been pretty haphazard and gone more with luck, intuition and chance. What if your career was only really destined to last 4 years? It was […]

Old/New Publishing

I stumbled upon this piece a few days back. About 100 Hawaiian-language newspapers published from 1834 to 1948 are being translated by roughly 3,000 volunteers. The newspapers are currently housed in Hawaiian archival collections as originals and microfilmed images, but when the project is finished, more than 60,000 pages of daily life in the Hawaiian […]

Hugh Says it! My Role on DubaiEye’s Nightline

A Must Watch

Why go to school? What is a teacher? Public education? Smart? Not? Economics vs intellectual? I am moving to a new school in September to help create the UAE’s leading mass communication program. I say leading because if we are going to just do what is typical today there would be no point in moving […]

An Artists Mind

I had the opportunity to speak to the music sensation Rash Radio on my ever popular radio show on Dubai Eye. Honest, sincere and real. I loved his answer to the question about writers block. Rash said that he felt like every song was his last and then the next one just seemed to arrive […]

A very cool TEDx

There are a lot of TEDx events taking place these days, things have sure come a long way from 2009 when Giorgio Ungania and myself organized the 1st TEDxDubai. Big, small, local, regional, ethnic, artistic the question that people are asking is what makes a great TEDx? Unlike many things size does matter. It is […]

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