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IBM back on my mind.

My father worked for IBM so this company was a part of my life for many years. But I always thought of IBM as this big faceless company that made mainframe computers. Yes I know they had been a big player in personal computing but that never stuck with me, and not them either. Then […]

For the love of the pen.

One of the activities I love to give my students is the good old final exam. Yes there is an element of torture in sitting a final as it does bring on stress and all sorts of anxiety. But there is another side to the written final, and I am not talking multiple choice, a […]

Taking the big leap

I love the way all too often we look around and we assign blame. I love the way that all too often we look around and imagine that the way we are doing things is because of someone else. I love the way we brood and complain and loath but do nothing to change things. […]

Education at what cost?

As a university graduate and university professor I am constantly struck by the number of people who should have access to higher education but don’t. There are many models of alternative education and each has its place. Shai Reshef founded University of the People in 2009 and I think this is a model that we […]

The Experience of a Sandwich

A sandwich is a sandwich, or is it? This little hot turkey sandwich not only tasted fantastic but it brought together the entire family in the creation and eating process. Food isn’t just about fuel it is about experience. [vimeo width=”300″ height=”200″]http://vimeo.com/34221832[/vimeo]

Great Conversations are Worth a Million

This was a conversation I had with Dr. Naif Al Mutawa who joined me for a conversation about the latest developments with the 99 super hero series! This conversation took place in 2010 but feels like yesterday. The power of the spoken word to touch, motivate and inspire never ceases to amaze me.

Sometimes The Old Way Just Works.

It is amazing how simple things like shopping for fish have become an exercise on sanitization. The experience has become a hands off exercise where we point at fish that is packed on ice and wait for the sales associate to pull on gloves and grab the critter for us. Not that I don’t like […]

Old School

This is a really cool post. We spend a lot of time thinking about career options and that usually takes us off in some far flung direction. Web design, app creator, conference organizer… and then there are the things we don’t even know about yet. But what about all the things we just use and […]

It is all about connections…

I think the beauty of social networking is the ability it has to bring strangers together to collaborate, or people who would not normally work together. I would love to see how I could use the collaboration model to create content on my radio show or in my own classes. Heineken has done something that […]

Get Motivated!

In September I will be taking on the challenge of being the 1st chair of the Department of Mass Communication at the Canadian University of Dubai. The 1st question people ask is why am I leaving Zayed University after 12 years? Zayed University has been a great place to work and a fantastic personal innovation […]

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