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Do rules on using social media defeat the purpose?

There is a constant struggle between taking place when it comes to defining the boundaries between personal, public, private, business and educational engagement with social media. The problem is we are constantly being asked to negotiate different persona’s. The parent who is a teacher. The banker who is a parent. The singer who is professionally […]

Power of Celebrity, Products and Marketing!

I love U2. I love a great ad or the making of one. I love the way the band members of U2 are able to entertain and spread messages on multiple levels and via multiple streams of media. This is a great example of old and new media converging to send a subtle message that […]

Great Life Lessons!

There is a lot to learn from Kermit the Frog.  


How much attention do you pay to the sound and sounds around you? In my Zayed Media Lab class at Zayed University in Dubai I have assigned a single project, collect and describe the sound of the UAE. It is amazing how hard it is for my students to pick the difinitive sound. It is […]

Inside an entrepreneur’s head.

I had the opportunity to sit down with 3 very interesting entrepreneurs and pick their collective brain about what it is that has made them the success they are today. I spoke with Kavit Handa who co-founded the InTouch Capital AG, Amer Arab who founded Room Service Deliveries and┬áSalah Khalili – CEO of SAT Group. […]

Movies change NOTHING!

Werner Herzog talking about film is interesting. Speakers, orators maybe guns change the world but not movies. I love the line that there are only 3 or 4 good films a year, wow he is tough on his own vocation. Listening to Herzog has to leave you asking what am I doing and why?

Hugh says it again!

What inspires you?

Tony Bennett may not be the youngest guy on the block but it really is something else to listen to him talk about what inspired him and inspires him to sing. The simple things, the story, the ability to engage it is in the confluence of these that we all have our inspiration.

Everyone needs a little Hugh.

It isn’t just what you say it is how you say it!

How Digital and Traditional Journalism Mix.

I teach in a College of Communication and Media Sciences. We teach storytelling. Some of the tools to tell stories are traditional, paper and the like. Some of the tools to tell a story are electronic. And the constant battle today is to find the mix, the right mix, of traditional and new journalism tools […]

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