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Breaking Stereotypes

There are a lot of stereotypes out there and we, you and I, do a wonderful job of sustaining them. If I was to put the words fitness and models together what would you think? What if I was to add the words bikini and stage to the mix? Exactly! When I knew I was […]

Women in Film and Television UAE

Media people, be them in print, film or some place in between are an interesting bunch. I recently had the opportunity to speak to the co-chairs of the UAE chapter of Women in Film and Television. It constantly amazes me that there is still such a glass ceiling in place when it comes to women […]

Fashionista and the road taken!

Jeanne Beker joins Jian Ghomesh on Q, my favorite CBC radio show, to talk about her life. This is a truly amazing conversation. Here we have a person who has worked her way through the world of journalism, and serious journalism, to lead the way in reporting and creating programming about fashion. There is great value […]

Advertising to New Hights?

I teach a communication history course and the general theme is that communication change comes from 2 things. The 1st thing that provokes change  is the environment, the larger lay of the land at any time. The second thing that provokes change is people and their curiosity to try things, invention! What I believe today […]

Parents,Music and Goals

Chris Isaak  talking to George Stroumboulopoulos on TheHour on CBC TV. This is a fantastic 3 minutes. The worth of validation, our parents, communication, luck… So many things happen around us that we take for granted. Maybe we need to sit on the sofa and take a look at our lives once in a while? […]

Must Have TED Podcasts!

I make no bones about it I think that the TED idea is the best thing I ever stumbled upon as an educator. I use TED.com materials in all my classes, have collaborated on various sized TEDx events. I have even settled on producing TEDx Salon events at my University. And now there is a […]

A journalism Idea!

Journalism is dead, long live journalism! I just read an excellent piece on the re-invention of journalism, sort of. There is no question the journalism many of us have grown up with is changing or has changed. Just the shift from broadsheet to tabloid has facilitated a very real change in the way stories are […]

This is a great public speaking tool.

I constantly teach that YOU are the presentation NOT a PowerPoint. I constantly teach that is not just what you say but how you say it that really is the presentation. I am constantly amazed at how bad professional presenters, many of them educators, are at presenting! This music video is a master class in […]

Learn about Media by Doing?

Media Literacy is a term that we have been hearing for well over 20 years. And of course there are groups and organizations in Canada, the USA and Australia who are doing some amazing work. The question I am always left asking is how do we engage the youth the primary targets of media literacy? […]

Media “focus on entertainment over news” is this a bad thing?

Entertainment vs news is there really an us versus them situation in front of us? Is it really that bad if news begins to take on a more entertaining stance? Isn’t the real issue whether the message is getting through? The Swiss have found that what is being covered in their constituency is entertainment and […]

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