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Prepared for New Media?

Are we prepared or are we preparing for the world of new media? No! The old media is not preparing for the new media environment and new media enthusiasts are failing to actually figure our how to connect with an audience in a meaningful and sustained way! But it is not all doom and gloom. […]

Thinking Technology

Rick Van Sant and I had a conversation about technology on my radio program on DubaiEye. We live in a technology enabled world but how much thought are we actually giving to that technology and its implications? The reality is not enough. Rick opens up some interesting doors for continued exploration of the ideas of […]

How-to get through the evening.

There are a lot of products on the market to help you get through the day and night. Coffee, chocolate, tea, RedBull the list is really endless. Here is my energy drink of choice! I do 2 of these a day and the result is I feel great!

Build it and figure it out later!

Amy Robinson passed me this link to a really interesting tool to help as she puts it, “densify”, complex concepts. The tool featured in the video is made by Quid on top of Gephi Platform, but it’s not Gephi itself. Here is a great explanation from the creator.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEq-HDKKJWY[/youtube] Here is the link to the page […]

How to Say Thank You Winslet Style

                  I came across this in the Times, sorry I lost the rest of the paper to grab the date but it was the week September 17 to 24. How well do you say thank you? To be honest I don’t think we say thank you often enough […]

Talent Among Us!

One of the things that makes Dubai such a vibrant community is the amount of talent that is living here. When I say talent, in this case anyway, I am talking about cultural talent. My Canadian sensibility leads me to listen to music that is being produced here in the UAE as a piece of […]

Things we need to know!

“The Art of Living Dangerously”, now that is a fantastic title. Mark Frauenfelder posted a TEDxTC talk to BoingBoing that absolutely rocks and makes you think about why some succeed and others don’t. Here is the blurb, An individual’s risk taking propensity and skills has profound influence on an individual’s happiness. William Gurstelle presents the concept […]

Today TEDxZU Was Launched!

    Well today was a special day, TEDxZU was launched. Since 2009 I have been a curator or co-curator of 3 different TEDx events, spoken at a TEDx event and helped mentor 2 events. After my last TEDx, TEDxAbuDhabiU which was excellent, I went back to the drawing board. Actually I asked myself why […]

Time to get back to blogging!

Time is the big question today, how do you manage it to get all and more done? There is no magic solution unfortunately. 1. you either cut things out of your time that are unnecessary, freeing up time (not a bad idea) 2. you get more organized with what you are doing to fit more […]

Summer is Over!

So how did we do? How did you do? I just went back to the 2011 Stylus Awards and it was refreshing. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GO-xp2QFeA[/youtube] You know I wonder why don’t we get more of this type of content in the mainstream? New academic year and radio year for me. All should be exciting. We are back […]