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CSR and another possibility for empowerment.

Have you heard of the Motorola Empowerment Grants? Empowerment Grants Motorola Mobility believes that people can achieve great things through access to the things that matter to each other and the world around them. We empower people to live their lives in a connected and meaningful way, and we are pleased to announce the launch […]

Mobile Bonanza?

Have you seen this headline? Worldwide mobile advertising revenue forecast to reach $3.3 billion in 2011 The numbers are pretty amazing and if they are anywhere near target wow! My question goes back to education. Are our business schools, IT Colleges and Communication schools onto this idea? Worldwide mobile advertising revenue is forecast to reach […]

Are We Ready to Re-imagine Journalism?

Are we ready to re-imagine journalism and do we want to? Or should the question be do journalism schools want to re-imagine what they are teaching, why and how? The journalism of yesterday and the journalism of today are rather different! Sure the physical act is the same, sort of, but the environment is changing […]

Teens and Media

How switched on to teens and media are you? Nielsen has done a little study that is well worth a look. But what is rather interesting is that for all the hype that teens are in a very different media environment than adults today, they seem to be rather grounded according to this report. Here […]