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If you can dream it you can do it

I have a group of students making TED-like presentations on the Disney quotation, “if you can dream it you can do it.” Every student looked at me, blank. One student said she didn’t have a dream! And today I stumbled, again, upon the idea of using Icebergs as a viable water source. This is not a new […]

The New World of Documentary Fim

Edison and the Lumiere brothers must be smiling in their graves as we witness the re-configuration of the art of film making. The Arab spring has not only ushered in political change in the middle east but also media change. Technology has without a debate changed the communication process! With built-in video cameras now the […]

Finally! The teaching tool I need is here!

SmartBoards, SmartPhones, GoogleDocs, DropBox, Web, Wiki…. there is an ever growing number of tools available to educators today to help make the information exchange process easier. And I am sorry to say 95% of the technology enabled tools, my estimation, are useless. Sure 95% of those technology enabled tools are cool, sexy even, but they fail […]

Just a little fun. And find an idea!

Where do you find your ideas? Once a week I sit down and watch, listen and read 30 minutes of the best ads on the planet! The goal is not to copy as much as to see what people are thinking and to get a sense of where the sides of the envelope are in […]

Anna Calvi is WOW

Have you ever listened to Anna Calvi? This woman is very soft spoken. Give Anna Calvi a mic and guitar and the whole game changes! This is a wonderful example of public speaking! What you say? Public speaking is really nothing more than acting, being who and what you want to be all in front […]

A great interview=a great story

Communication whether it is PR, Journalism, Video, Audio or some combination is only as good as the story being told. Telling a good story is not only about tools but it is about the skill, in this case of interviewing. In this piece George Stroumboulopoulos of “the Hour “on CBC demonstrates the art of a […]

REWORK’s Guide to Career Change/job change

How often do you sit around a table with a group of people, at the end of the week, and listen to the complaints? Complaints about process. Complaints about people. Complaints about ideas. Complaints about the daily chore of going to a workplace that has lost its luster. And how often have you turned around […]

Things to Avoid for Success

Read REWORK. I love the list of things to avoid if you want to stand a fleeting chance of finding your success. 1. long-term contracts 2. excess staff 3. permanent decisions 4. meetings 5. thick process 6. inventory (physical and mental) 7. long-term road maps 8. office politics If you blend the list of 8 […]

We need a new perspective!

Chris Anderson recently spoke to a group of Harvard architecture grads. The speech was published here, http://tedchris.posterous.com/a-speech-to-graduating-harvard-architects-6122, I think it is worth a read for several reasons. 1. Chris Anderson is swimming in the TED idea pool so it is interesting to get his view from the pond 2. This is a wel prepared talk 3. Another […]

Still Hoping

I posted this page from REWORK on my office door. I am still hoping to not be interrupted and claw back a bit of time to think. No success yet. Maybe the page is not large enough!

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