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Summer, Summer, Summer!

Over the Summer months I am going to be reducing my blog activity. The simple reason for a reduction in my posts is I will not be in environments that guarantee easy access to the internet. Isn’t it amazing how fast we fall into the technology dependence mode though? Maybe summer is a good time […]

Education is about delivery?

Now this is interesting! TV and education do go hand in hand right? Some will argue that only some TV is educational. Other are against TV as a crutch or attention leech. Nickelodeon is onto something. With the July 1 introduction of a line of Team Umizoomi Preschool Math Kits, produced internally and pegged to […]

Hamsterizing Journalism?

Are journalists becoming hamsters? Maybe! News is changing. Reporting is changing. Newsroom and news outlet management is changing. Yet the fundamentals and models that we are measuring against are not changing. Are we looking at a problem? The Project for Excellence in Journalism said in a 2008 report: In today’s newspapers, stories tend to be gathered faster and under […]

The Grass is Greener!

I have a serious case of envy. And my plan is to fix my own, distracted time-management skills, to eliminate the envy I am feeling. I am envious of Wilma (named changed for anonymity) because she has managed to, very purposefully, focus all of her time on her immediate tasks at hand. Every conversation, every interaction, […]

Talking to TED, well people who have been…

I have been really fortunate to have been to 2 TED events, one in 2009 and the other in 2011. TED in Long Beach was great but it was TEDActive in Palm Springs that blew my mind. One of my passions has been to talk to as many TEDsters on the radio, I host a […]

Story in the story!

I posted the Storify video interview yesterday. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvPBqON3yUQ[/youtube] What is really cool is that these guys are huge Hugh MacLeod fans! Check out the images in the background! And did you catch the Seth Godin quotes? Very cool!

What is convergent journalism?

Are we there yet? What is convergent journalism and is anyone really teaching it? Sure there is a lot of talk but is there a lot of actual application? And then there is the whole issue of whether convergent journalism simply further blurs the PR/journalism line altogether. Here is a good place to start the conversation, a […]

The power of education!

How much though are you giving to what is actually being taught to your children? If you don’t have children are you at all concerned about those kids you see on the bus or run into in the mall? Who is deciding what will and will not be taught as well as how it will […]

Can you get past the name? Holy F*%@

This is one of the coolest “genre bending” bands I have listened to in a long time! And these guys are playing the music! Can you get past the name? What I love is that these guys are bending ideas and expectation! Watch, listen and marvel. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djf12oejy-Q[/youtube]

TEDxAbuDhabiU Continues

TEDx events are a curious thing. What I have come to learn, and love, is that once you start a TEDx event rolling it is very difficult to get out of the way and jump free of the momentum. TEDxAbuDhabiU happened April 23, 2011 but it is far from over. Sure the speakers, organizers and […]

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