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My Radio Inspiration.

It is really easy to look around at others and want to have a bit of what they have. But as of late I have been looking at myself and I realize that I have the life! I am a successful University professor here in Dubai in the Middle East, my students seem to think […]

Where is the New UAE Media?

Teaching in a College of Communication and Media Sciences I listen, painfully, to people talking about new media, convergent media, digital media and the list goes on. And at some point in the conversation the issue of quality is brought up. The the issue of funding is tossed into the mix. The conversation ends with […]

Got an Eye on your brand?

Why do you think so many great organizations struggle? Even in hard times there are only a handful of organizations that seem to really be able to keep people happy and engaged. Why? What are these few organizations, IBM, APPLE, GOOGLE doing that others are not? I can sum it up in one word, BRAND. […]

Is she really an accountant?

You know how it goes, we hear a person does a particular job and we put them into a box. Not a literal box, but we do stereotype people according to what we think they do in their particular profession. Take the accountant. Want to be stuck in an elevator with an accountant? Probably not. […]

Hope For Journalism?

I don’t know about you but I love long-form journalism. Think the opposite of tabloid to the micro-point journalism. I am talking about the long, full of detail, investigative story that we seldom get to read today in our commercial driven media. Well sure if we are reading a news magazine we find some of […]

Trust Media?

Can we trust the media? As we sit here is the UAE one of the yard sticks we use to measure our media is the US. But is the US a good measure? This Yahoo News story has me and my Ethics students asking that very question. After Obama’s live, late-evening address from the East […]

Turning Points in Life are important

Why do it? My students have been asking me this question more and more lately. My response is always the same, “do I seem unhappy?” Of course the response is a very hearty NO. But my students are looking at the content I am teaching and wondering why I am not doing, my thing, in […]

Power of the Press where are the ethics?

I teach a course in media ethics where we spend an enormous amount of time debating the role of the media today. We also talk about the responsibility of the media. A huge issue confronting the media has always been representation and truth. The Huffington Post brought this little nugget to our attention and I […]

Friend Power

There are some very creative advertising and marketing ideas out there. But what happens when you combine advertising and marketing with friendship and cooperation? How often have you been told that you can do amazing things if you put your mind to it? The problem is we seldom have something to put our minds to […]

A Cool TEDx Idea!

As you know I have been involved in TEDx activities since 2009 and TEDxDubai. Since my first TEDx I have been scratching my head a bit as I try to figure out, for myself, what the ultimate TEDx is. I am not sure that an ultimate TEDx has anything to do with size. I am […]

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