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Great Little Utility Trailer

So, what is the big issue when camping? You need something to carry all the gear. You need something that can house a generator. You need something that has a toilet. This may be the trailer for you. I didn’t get a good look at the sewage storage system BUT there is a fan on […]

REWORK a Must Read!

OK this is a must read! I love the idea that this book is as much a manifesto as it is a guide to personal change. The issues we are confronted with today is that we are living in a new communication reality while working with tools and paradigms from yesterday. And too few people want […]

To Mobile Media or NOT Mobile Media

I am a huge advocate of creating and diseminating media to be consumed via a mobile device, a smartphone. But there are problems to be addressed. I am not a BlackBerry fan BUT maybe, just maybe, the PlayBook is the answer to the problems of reading off of a mobile phone screen? The pairing or […]

A Little Creativity

I grew up with a pocket full of Hot Wheels and still have a couple in my office at Zayed University. What I love about Hot Wheels is that they become a tool through which to activate imagination. Take imagination, add Hot Wheels, throw in a bit of technology and what do you get Dream […]

Teens and the Internet

(Reuters Health) – One in every 25 teens had “problematic Internet use” in a new study of high school students from Connecticut. Are we doing enough to make our youth aware of the risk and danger to their physical and mental health with excessive internet consumption? This Reuters article should make us all sit back […]

News 2.0?

How do we attract more eyes to the news? If there was a simple answer journalism schools world-wide would be churning out new grads to rise to the challenge. The problem is there is no clear road ahead and journalism schools are struggling to attract new students. Journalism professors are quick to utter the word […]

How to Succeed

Mark Van Name is a sci-fi author, entrepreneur and tech guy. What is interesting about Mark is how he got to where he is today, the path is not straight. Mark went from a computer science degree to writing code to reviewing hardware and software as a profession. Along the way, or more like during the process, […]

Those People We meet.

I met Yasser Bahjatt at TEDActive this year. It is incredible what we can learn from others and never seem to get a chance to. This is also the magic of a TED conference. TED puts a group of people together for 6 days and stands back to see what happens. Yasser and I hooked […]

Career Path Fog

One of the things I have become fascinated by is how people get into their careers. Sometimes, as a professor of communication and media sciences, I am uneasy talking about career options becasue who knows where you might end up with a communication degree. Sure many, maybe even the majority of grads ,will travel along […]

A Dubai State of Mind

I have lived in Dubai for 11 years and I have seen many changes. There has been exceptional growth and there has been an exceptional reset. But there is no question in my mind that Dubai is a very interesting case study of success. Of course the term success is open to many different definitions. And of […]

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