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Easier Said than Done

We, and I do mean we, just wrapped up TEDxAbuDhabiU. I have been part of several TEDx events as a speaker and as an organizer and this last TEDx event is the one I am most proud of. Why? I feel that TEDxAbuDhabiU was as close as you can get to the TED mindset. The […]

Share Ideas? How radical is your collaberation?

What do I love about TED? The idea of radical collaboration. [flickrvideo]http://www.flickr.com/photos/imagethink/5522595299/[/flickrvideo] Radical collaboration is a huge challenge to the way many people think and act. There are still too many people who step all over the people they meet going up the ladder forgetting that these are the same people they meet going down […]

TEDActive Quotes to Live by.

Phil Klein, a fellow TEDActive participant, recently posted a wonderful list of quotes from TED2011.   “He’s related to the dingo!” – Rives “Do you want to dry your hand on my pants” “i think you just got a glimpse of the future of education” –  Bill Gates (referring to kahn academy) “Those moments of […]

What can you live without

OK, what if you had to give up some of the modern conveniences? Could you say no to TV, Radio, Film, Mobiles or Game Consoles? I grew up on TV. I grew up watching Sesame Street. Yet today TV is becoming a smaller part of the lives of our youth. I am surprised.   Young […]

There is always a bright side

  What does your day look like? Watched the news lately? Pretty hard to say much bad happens to us when you have a global perspective to measure your own life against.

What the UAE Film Industry Needs.

Saro Carlwig and Ahmed Arshi set up Talent Casting Agency, www.tcame.com, to help develop Emirati talent in the film industry. So what does the UAE film industry need? UAE, Emirati talent! It is great that we have many film festivals cropping up, and my favorite is the student led project at Zayed University, but festivals […]

Zayed University Middle East Film Festival

www.zumeff.com is the link to the ZU Middle East Film Festival. You might be saying, “what another film festival?” But this is film festival with a twist. ZUMEFF started last year as a student graduation project. What usually happens to student graduation projects after the students graduate, nothing. But this project took on a life […]

How to read media

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnOJHVdZbJ0[/youtube] Do these videos work? How do we teach our students to look at images and find the other story? Visual Media Literacy is becoming more important today than ever before. It is one thing to decipher text but what if there are no words? The challenge is to get students to start thinking and talking about […]

PR and the WEB

How to we judge the quality and effectiveness of a PR firm. More and more I am basing my judgement on whether the way a PR firm presents itself is an example of what it can do for me. You know what? Most PR firms, and I mean the big boys, are terrifying when it comes to […]

Who has this job

The grocery store is a great place to get a sense of how global and local ideas are being worked out. Here we have a classic Special K box with a variation of the promotion to lose a dress size. Great, the message is eat healthy and look healthy. But what happens when the global […]

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