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What if education was student driven?

It is funny and a bit sad that aging educators are doing their best to reinvent the way teaching happens and in the process are really clueless. I was talking to an educator at an IB school about the mega play they are putting on this term. My question was is is student written? NO. […]

Coming at Education from many directions

How are we going to deal with the myriad of issues that are confronting us today, tomorrow? Education! This is not being debated. What is being debated, and to be frank we have and continue to do a lot of talking, is what form our education model or models will take. There are many models […]

A Manifesto for Media Education

There is no escaping that the media is a very important part of our lives. But are we really thinking about how teach with it and about it? Given the rapid speed of development of media I suspect that the answer is no and where we are teaching about media I don’t think we do […]


We spend a lot of time thinking about our career and then thinking about our passion.  The problem we are all too often confronted with is the two nor meeting. The question I am left asking is who is to blame when our career choices and our passion do not meet? There are no shortage […]

The UAE needs a new food outlook

As you know Jamie Oliver was a TED Prize winner last year and he has continued to push forward. Have you seen the food revolution website? Here are the announcements that were made at TED this year. 1. A strategic partnership with the American Heart Association will help establish community-based kitchens where people will learn cooking […]

Good Idea?

While in California I could not help but make my way into a McDonald’s to see what the fast food giant was doing to re-invent itself. Well, there were the huge LCD televisions playing sports, in this case high school basketball and then there was the game consul above. And not just one but half […]

Simple but good ideas

I ran into this in Palm Springs at the Grocery store and you know what? As I stood there watching this and got muscled out of the way by patrons to the store I couldn’t help but ask why all grocery stores don’t have this system? Proven fact cold and flu nasties can be caught […]

A little hockey advice

When I think about how to advance what I do in the classroom or on the radio I have come back to a little Wayne Gretzky often. While the “Great One” was talking about ice hockey these words apply to pretty much every activity we engage in. What I really enjoyed about TEDActive was that […]

Why go to TED?

As I sit at Paris CDG airport waiting on a connection to Dubai I am reading email, and a few questions about why go to TED when you can watch many of the talks online for free? JD Schramm, Director of the Mastery in Communication Initiative at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business has written a wonderful blog post […]

Why I love TEDActive

TED is not just a conference it is a mental re-boot! Too many conferences are at you this conference is with you and those attending become part of something for a week. Here is another piece of what makes TED and TEDActive different than any other conference around. The video! [vimeo]http://www.vimeo.com/20660248[/vimeo] This was filmed, edited […]

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