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Define Creativity?

Creativity is one of those words that the moment you utter it people position themselves as either having it or not having it. I am not so certain you can not be creative. I think the way we express our creativity varies so widely that we use classifications, very crude self classification, techniques to come […]

Who comes up with these names?

I wonder about the people who design packaging and the people who invent products. What I really wonder is how the design, production and promotion people manage to work together. I came across this flavor of dog food at the supermarket today and wondered if this was a literal flavor. Is this the flavor of licking the grill? I […]

Creative Student doing the d.school thing

When this student held up my instructions on a napkin I saw the d.school manifesto flash in front of my eyes. As it would happen this particular student is always looking at challenges through a camera and often she is breaking all the rules! There is something to be said for not just working creatively […]

e-texts coming?

Sure there are a variety of services out there that are offering e-textbook services. But so far the penetration of e-books is a little reminiscent of the VHS vs BETA days. Nobody has really come to the plate with an easy, affordable, audience catching model. So what is the e-textbook thing all about? Here is the primer. […]

What I love about web2.0

I love the idea of web2.0. “If you can imagine it you can program it.” My own little ism but isn’t it true? I happened upon a very interesting little social networking app via twitter called COLOR. Simple idea to collect the images of a place as they are happening from the collective devices in […]

Why not re-imagine radio?

We spend so much time talking tech and right in front of our ears we have the new old media, radio! While electronic media, web2.0 and the cloud, is front and center in almost every conversation are we paying attention to the tried and true media in the background? We get into our cars, wake […]

Your Way…

How many times have you said, “if only I was my own boss?” Probably half a dozen times this week alone. So what is stopping you from taking the leap? I had a wonderful conversation with Lucy Roberts of PLUG about her communication business and how it all started. Lucy was irreverent and real. The 1st rule […]

Anatomy of a good teaching moment

Teaching is just like show business, you are only as good as your last performance. But teaching is also about experience and that experience is built each time you step into the room. So what makes a good teaching moment. 1. speak with not at the students 2. time is important, you do get boring […]

Have you seen the Khan Academy?

OK this is just an amazing idea. Here is a guy who was a hedge fund analyst. In his spare time the hedge fund analyst is helping his cousins with a bit of math revision. The next thing we know we have an education tool that is on the cusp of revolutionizing how we do […]

Good point.

Control is a word that we use a lot. And I am sure there is a point where we need to be ‘in control’ although it would seem that the idea does get taken to the extreme. I am sure we can come up with a list of scenarios that make us say, control is […]

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