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Simplicity Part 2

I love my iPhone 4. I make no apology and I have not used a Nokia or any other smartphone to make any comparison. I love my phone because as a phone it works BUT as a multimedia tool it also works. The big seller for me was SIMPLICITY. This technological tool makes complex tasks […]

Simplicity Works

I know what you are saying, everything cannot be simple. Sure the way an aircraft engine is manufactured is not simple, but the ignition and monitoring of the action can be. I think we spend too much time complicating things. Sometimes complexity makes us feel better, we get a sense of self worth. Sometimes complexity […]

Space Matters.

Today I moved my classes to a soon to be lab. Soon to be are the three words you need to hang on. At this moment the space I have moved my classes to is a big echoing box with a few desks for good measure. Funny about the desks in my class, I only […]

make it new

Teaching, especially at the undergraduate level, is a lot like living like Bill Murray in ‘Groundhog Day’. Sames courses different faces, and sometimes the same old faces! The challenge is to keep the content fresh. But sometimes it is less the content that needs to be fresh and more the environment that needs a shakeup. This […]

Holding Inspiration

Finding inspiration is one thing and grabbing it, holding it, recording it and using it is a totally different thing. This TED talk really made me think hard about not just being inspired but using that inspiration. I have watched that talk a lot. And I have thought about what is being said and the […]

Finding Inspiration

Like everyone, from time to time I need a little inspiration boost. The problem is where to turn? This is going to sound funny but I let the inspiration boost find me. I know what you are saying, sounds a little new age. What I am not doing is assuming a yoga stance and meditating, […]

Tony Deifell offers a reset.

I have done a lot of interviews on Nightline here in Dubai. Each interview has offered me something personally. But my conversation with Tony Deifell was nothing short of extraordinary. Tony offered up, in 45 minutes, the tools to look at what we are doing and move forward! Now this is not to suggest that […]

REDU a second thought on education

So, you had a think about education. Maybe you hummed. Maybe you hawed. I know you said that if the system worked for me it can work for the next generation. NOBODY WANTS TO DRIVE A MODEL T FORD TODAY SO WHY ARE WE SATISFIED WITH AN EDUCATION THAT IS FRAMED IN THAT ERA! Watch […]

We got education wrong!

I really do think we are going about the art of  informing and developing our children on the wrong way. Not that the whole process is broken, but it does need a serious renovation. So where do we start? I think the starting point is a huge issue. We have old school administrators looking at the problem […]

Go Old for New

We spend an enormous amount of time looking for the new thing. Maybe we spend too much time doing that? Pepsi and McDonalds in the Fast Company piece called Super Bowl Stories show that once again creativity does not have to mean reinventing the wheel. There is a lot to say about using nostalgia in […]

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