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TEDActive Starting…

Sunday at 8am the fun begins with the TEDx workshop. We pick up the conference bag in the morning but were teased with our badges and facebooks today. The badges are huge, the sponsor book a pocket guide and the facebook is fantastic! As I worked my way through immigration at LAX the immigration officer […]

View Says it all

As I was waiting in Paris for my connection to LA I was struck by the incredible view. Yes the view was in the airport. Sometimes a big window and a comfy chair is all you need to make your day.

TEDActive DAY 1

It was day 1 at TEDActive and TEDx organizers gathered to hash out what is happening with the plethora of TEDx events. What became clear was that for TEDx events to really work some form of collaboration with organizers in country or region is necessary. The question is how to connect? I love the quote of the […]

OLD School For My Ted Sharing.

TED is all about sharing ideas and I am all for that. But the TED experience is an odd thing because it is more than just listening to people tell a great story. The TED experience is also about grabbing onto the subtle nuance that happens in the space between the obvious. The problem with […]

TED=Poetry in Motion

I am a TEDster, a TED aficionado, an idea spreader. Many people ask me what it is about TED that has grabbed my imagination to the point that it may have even become a game changer for me. For me TED is ideas. As an academic I live in the realm of ideas so that answer […]

Cheating re-boot

Technology is seen by many as the game changer in education, but there is a dark side. CHEATING! I read this piece from the Ottawa Citizen. In a recent poll of more than 2,000 students and parents in the U.S., Common Sense found that many teens aren’t clear about what constitutes cheating. Twenty-three percent, for […]

Who did what?

One of the greatest problem faced by any organization, unless it is a solo operation, is understanding the value of what people do. Too often we all play the ‘I did/You did’ game which is wholly destructive to any organization. And add to the above, ‘what I did is more valuable than what you did.’ At the […]

Just A simple idea that could work.

Keep it simple. Implement. Learn and adapt. Try again. I came across this idea and wonder where it might lead. Cookies sold by string from a window! Sometimes it is the most off the wall ideas, those ‘are you crazy’ ideas that get the most traction and are the most fun. I think we all […]

3 words.

I have said it once and will say it again, there is a lot to be learned in the classroom from reading FastCompany. The recent little bomb I read was from the daily online teaser. $100K of Free Branding Advice, in Just Three Words. Unify, Simplify, Amplify are the three ideas tossed out by Ken […]

Where we go wrong. Simplicity part 3

You can always depend on Hugh to point out the obvious. Yet the obvious can and is often the farthest from what we do. Here is the text that came with today’s cube bomb. I was interviewed by Paul Barron today for his RETHINK video blog. We talked about Evil Plans, and what the book is […]

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