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10 seconds — Tell me the Story!

I give a lot of experimental assignments in my communication classes at Zayed University. To be honest sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. One of the greatest challenges with many of the assignments is to convince the students that the project is a viable way of presenting ideas and thus messages to a wider, […]

Speak Amazing—Practice, Practice, Practice

Yes speaking in a crowd awing way is all about practice but it is also looking at what others have done and learning from them. I am shocked at how few people leave school, any level, without impeccable public speaking and presentation skills. When we look for a job we need to present ourselves in a […]

Get on With Things Part Two

10,000 Women is a five-year investment by Goldman Sachs to provide 10,000 undeserved women around the world with a business and management education. What does it take to change a community? What does it take to change a person? As it turns out little more than giving that person, who wants to change, the opportunity […]

Get on With Things Part One.

Ideas, we all have them and we all have the means to act on them, ideas, but how often do you act on your ideas? I know form my own experience that I tend to act on some ideas but because of self doubt I tend to reject most ideas that pop into my head. […]

You can help!

This is very unusual for me, to post a letter from a friend in my BLOG, but I know so many of you are looking for ways to engage with global communities for change. Read this and please do what you can! Hi, My wife Masarat and I are heading next week to Dhaka, Bangladesh […]

What Matters to you?

What do students care about anyway? What does anyone really care about? Christian Long took the “what matters” question to a group of grade 10 students, 80 plus and made something that is WOW! The TEDxClassroomProject is full of ideas on how to take ideas to a community and make them matter. I love the […]

Through the heart to the mind.

Education is my passion and I am wrestling with it at the high school level, with my children, and the university level where I teach. The problem with education today is too few teachers are aiming at the heart of the student to get to the mind. How does a test get to the heart? […]

Export the smart from smartphones.

Smartphones are changing the world we live in. Sure there are many people who are not riding the smartphone wave. But the sad truth is in the very near future the smart phone is going to not only be the primary resource for storing and communicating information but it will also be the primary tool […]

What if you did it from scratch?

When I say did it I mean built something, anything, the stuff we live with. I remember my Dad building an Apple lle way back when on a piece of plywood. I wonder if the problem we are confronted with is the simple fact that we really make little of what we interact with. What […]

How-To part 2 (be happy at work)

We are all looking for the clue, cue, map, instructions on how to not just go to work but make work an experience we live for. I mean come on, if you go to a desk and get angry why are you going to the desk? Sometimes the how-to guide is sitting right in front […]

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