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Taking a little back

Have you caught wind of PirateBox? What is it? PirateBox is a self-contained mobile collaboration and file sharing device. Simply turn it on to transform any space into a free and open file sharing network. This is pretty cool stuff and turns any space into an interactive learning environment. The “at-you” education model simply does […]

Never Underestimate the power of ELMO

Today I pulled on one of my favorite t-shirts, Elmo. This is a great t-shirt for one reason and one reason only. The Elmo shirt unlike any piece of clothing I own transports people young and old to a place and time where they were happy! Sesame Street is a happy place. The characters on […]

Basis of New Ideas…

John Kolko, author of the new book, Exposing the Magic of Design, has been writing in FastCompany and I think hit on an issues that is not just important to the design world but organizational change in general. In communication, well journalism, we are constantly teaching and being told to think about objectivity! Good advice […]

Why I love TED.

I am a TEDster and proud of that fact. TEDActive2011 has not even happened and early bird registration for TEDActive2012 has already begun! TED2012 will be themed “Full Spectrum!” Here is what Kelly Stoetzel says about TEDActive2012. We are inviting our speakers to develop “Full Spectrum” presentations — by which we mean the rich use […]

Pat on the back! We all need one.

Last night on DubaiEye I got the ultimate pat on the back from a former student. Why is it we don’t spend the minute or 2 telling those people that have had an impact on our careers how their actions or in-actions have shaped our choices? Souad Al Serkal was a student of mine many […]

Are we too tied to our media.

I teach in a college of communication and work in the media and am now asking if we are too tied to the very media I am pushing people towards. It would seem I am not the only person asking this question. AdAge has recently published a report online titled ‘Study Brings New Meaning to […]

180 degree turn—you ready?

I spend a lot of time thinking about career options. Part of the reason for this thinking is I have children. On another hand I am a professor and like to hope I am educating for tomorrow. Maybe I am even thinking a bit about myself? The days of being married to one job/career, for […]

The people or the thing?

A huge question we all deal with is whether it is the people or the thing that matters. Is it the school or the teachers (notice administrators were not there) that matter? Is it the restaurant building or the food? Is it the words of the book or the cover that matters? And then there […]

New Way of investing?

What if we thought about investing in ideas different? Presumed Abundance might just be that group. The idea is simple. ¬†Fund it forward! How It Works We provide startup capital for your company. Instead of buying equity for ourselves, the equity we purchase goes directly into our angel fund. Upon a liquidity event (merger/acquisition or […]

Mash up the University Experience with TEDx

If you are a TED fan then you have to also be fanatical about TEDx events. I find it amazing how many events there are globally and wonder if I can plan a vacation or year sabbatical attending TEDx events, writing, filming, blogging and creating the ultimate learning resource? Think of it as the resources […]

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