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The New Face of Assignments?

One of the issues i am confronting students with today is to make their reports, assignments, work product useful to the larger community. I am not just talking in terms of content but also in terms of delivery. This is a huge challenge that I think we as academics get a well deserved F! The […]

Jacky’s Helps James Get to TED2011

It is nice to be able to say that I will be going to TED2011, not because I have deep pockets, but because community organizations with IDEAS on their minds have helped me. And Jacky’s is one of those organizations! Sometimes getting help with a project or ideas is as easy as asking, and having […]

Business vs Education

I have to be honest there are days I look at the person beside me in the flash car with the seemingly unlimited spending power and wonder why I stick around as a university professor. Sure there are the vacations and the very nice working hours, but is that enough? Then about this time of […]

Work at Work?

How much work do you get done at work? I am running into a growing number of people who are opting for a hybrid work environment, some in the office and some out of the office, simply because the box they work in is electronic resource poor and or distracting. And some of these people […]

4644 the cool idea in Dubai

Got a question? SMS 4644, really!  The Question Company has the answers and is a very interesting concept to see brought to life! What is more interesting is 2 guys who went to school in Dubai, left for University came back and made it happen! Need a bit of inspiration? These guys are for real […]

Making it Happen!

I love a good show, I have been influenced by TED, take content and add some show to make it stick. Yesterday at Zayed University the new webpage was launched. I know you are saying, “so what?” Well, the launch wasn’t just a click of a switch it was a full multi-sensory experience. This is […]

Making Career Choices

My conversation with Nathalie, simply a really cool person doing what she loves. Nathalie Dubois started out life studying history in Paris. The Nathalie moved to LA and became a journalist for Studio Magazine. Then Nathalie became a club organizer to the A-List. And today Nathalie is the ultimate gift giver with her company DPA. […]

Get off your Butt, or not!

Great ideas come form all sorts of places. I know you are going to say I am biased, but I really do think that TED and the TEDx idea has created an idea pool that is just waiting for people like you and me to jump into. Of course the idea is that some of […]


You can always depend on Hugh of GapingVoid to throw a little cuby bomb your way! As he said following the cartoon… Risk Offense Not much happens when you’re trying to make everyone happy, as Lenin is often credited with saying: “If you want to make an omelet, must be willing to  break a few […]

What Happened to Christmas Cards?

I know this seems a bit odd but I miss getting Christmas cards! Since moving to Dubai the number of Christmas cards we get, me and the family, has been on the steady decline. I thought that maybe it was an out of sight out of mind issue but then maybe the hard copy card […]

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