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TEDxDubaiWomen Wednesday December 8th

I am really excited about this, not only because I am part of the organizing team, but because the students at Zayed University have come on board and made this their event! TEDxDubaiWomen invites the Dubai community, men and women alike, to join us for an afternoon of imagination as we re-imagine the role of […]

Last Appeal to Give to MOvember!

What is Movember? Give what you can for MOvember it is all about prostate cancer research. Just go to this link and follow the instructions. Here is my last video! Thanks for the help. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3WprPNwqlk[/youtube]

MOvember time to give!

OK so many of you have no idea what MOvember is! Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Men grow a MO to draw attention to this killer! I have been doing just that. Here is a little episode of my MOvember moments. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q5ImDJAN7c[/youtube] What do I want from you? Give what you can. Just go to this […]

Lessons from Tim O’Reilly

What will I do when I grow up? What career options are there? Is the work fun? These are all questions I get asked regularly by students from KG through university. We spend a lot of time trying to design a career and I am almost certain that that is our greatest downfall. How do […]

Think Design and Use!

More than ever we need to be design thinking, BUT we also need to consider how things will be used. I was sure that we had gotten past the old web design mindset, “blind them with gadgets”, but I was wrong. One of the best media websites was The National was is the key word. […]

Keep it simple!

As a follow-up to Jimmy Wales advice I happened upon this little ditty, a series of Ads, that just makes you say yup! The Panda Ad! There are a whole lot of lessons here, watch until the end! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X21mJh6j9i4[/youtube]

Take a bit of advice!

Things today happen fast and they are furious in their ability to grab the attention, good or bad, of the general public. There are no shortage of people offering advice to you and I on how to do everything from teaching to building a boat. FastCompany has a great little piece on Jimmy Wales and […]

TEDxDubaiWomen, the best thing I have ever worked on!

On the 8th of December at 3pm TEDxDubaiWomen will happen at Zayed University and in Abu Dhabi TEDxZayedUWomen will take place. I have never been this excited about an event. This is a community driven and community created TEDx experience. You can expect to be amazed. So far in Dubai we have 5 female speakers […]

MOvember grow a Mustache for Prostate Cancer Research

There is a lot of noise out there trying to get you to think and act for cancer. We all have to do our thing so I suggest we pick that cause we can do our bit for, just do your bit and do it well. MOvember is my cause! It is easy to make […]

Just good thinking.

The best ideas are born of necessity! Think about the telegraph and later radio. Our problem today is that there is too much noise, preventing us from hearing ourselves when it comes to needs. Our other problem is that we don’t for a second believe that we can actually make a difference or create or […]

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