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DIY Energy Boost!

I am a pretty busy person. I am a full time associate professor at Zayed University, do some radio broadcasting on DubaiEye and also manage to engage in the community with a number of small projects from TEDxDubai to school radio at Wellington International School. The question people ask is how do I have the […]


A huge part of my day is delivering an academic show. Today I put on 2 shows, one was on the basic infrastructure of a newspaper and the second was an intro to semiotics. Whether you are in a service, knowledge or manufacturing industry you are working your mind ┬áhard for several consecutive hours. Yet […]

Make your story work!

Stories are a powerful tool that we spend too little time thinking about. The problem with storytelling is we are caught out by context! We, you and I , feel that it is the job of some people to tell a story and not the job of others. We are all storytellers and we need […]

Where is the connected limit?

I have been watching my children and their social networking habits lately, I think they may have crossed the connected line! Is it possible to be too connected? My worry is connection without purpose. Why are we connected and what are we doing with that connection? I tend to use my Facebook, twitter and linkdin […]

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