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Are We Listening or reading?

Today the difference between good and AMAZING can be reduced to one thin, the experience. Of course a lot goes into the experience BUT the fact of the matter is that experience counts for pretty much the whole enchilada So whether we are professors or burger flippers we need to be thinking about the product we […]

Sesame Street Gives Social Media Lessons!

There are still many individuals and even more company’s that have yet to embrace social media. Yes it is work. Yes social media requires a paradigm shift in economic thinking. Yes social media requires a paradigm shift in customer relationships. But there is no denying the power of social media! Sesame Street, well the Muppet’s, […]

Arab Women another view

Unfortunately when it comes to understanding Arab women many in the west simply cannot see past the cloths. Sad really. On a daily basis I interact with Arab women who are nothing short of amazing in their take on business, politics, media and social issues. In fact the women I interact with are no different […]

Tradition and Future=Curators

There is a major struggle going on today in the area of news and information content creation and dissemination. The struggle is on several fronts, between the old school journalist and the new school technology enabled journalist, as well as with those who are looking at old school print/video/audio and the new smart technologies. And […]

Thinking UAE Media.

The media in the UAE takes a few punches, more often than not. I teach about media and the communication process in the UAE and also work in the media in the UAE giving me a unique perspective on this very young industry. There is no question the media here is still developing. But compared […]

A Smile!

Every now and then you find something in the media that just works! A bit of fun, a bit of irony and a clear example of risk. This Costa Ad is all of the above. What if we were to substitute in professors?

Change the world thinking needs new concept of leadership

The greatest problem confronting the world today is a corporate leadership that is not prepared to think on a global scale! Really! The average MBA, Ph.D, MFA, MA has had what training in the art of dealing with the global picture when it comes to micro problem solving at the organizational level? None! I had […]

The skills you need.

One of the questions I ask myself on a daily basis is, “am I introducing/directing my students to the skills they really need?” Of course the follow-up question is am I teaching what is useful and needed or just what I am comfortable with? For the most part I think most professors are guilty of […]

Pessimistic but cool

Douglas Coupland has put together a 45 point survival list for the current environment. I wonder how we might take this list and apply it to what we are teaching at University today? Get a look at the entire list. A few of my favorites. 14) Something smarter than us is going to emerge Thank you, […]

Anatomy of My Best Class Ever!

Today I had my best teaching experience ever! The class in question is COM311  a Zayed Media Lab practicum at Zayed University. The class is worth 1 credit and asks students to bring together their cumulative experience to produce a project that is well outside their comfort zone. This time around my students are engaging in […]

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