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Education thinking from FastCompany!

As I get ready to return to the classroom I find myself looking around to see what professors are reading as they prepare for the coming term. The sad reality is too many professors prepare for the coming year using the tried and true techniques and resources they became familiar with in grad school. I […]

Time/Technology-need a reboot

Last night I had an interesting discussion about technology with many people in Dubai. The big question was is technology working for us or against us? Do we rely too much on technology today? The discussion was interesting to say the least, give it a listen if you want. What I took from the conversation […]

Be Change-Ready/Fire/Aim

All too often when we talk about change we only talk. What if each of us in our own way was to not just talk but act? Some will say that it is impossible, there is no time, there is no money… But there are people demonstrating that you can effect change if you put […]

Value Of Localisation to Schools

Our schools, today, are faced with a huge problem, how to make the education being delivered cost effective and relevant. Too many education group executives think the best way to deal with decreased revenue and greater demand on fiscal resources is to cut back on teachers, offerings and even supplies. In fact too many education […]

Simple,Useful,inexpensive, eco-friendly,sustainable

Sri Lanka, what comes to mind when you think of this country? Politics, poverty, tea, home of a great sci fi author, all of these I am sure. What about a country that is home to one of the best home tool secrets? Sri Lankans have for many many years been creating some of the […]

Simple Ideas Clean Up!

How often do you find yourself saying, “why didn’t I think of that?” Well here is a great one that landed at my feet, literally, from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. The foot turtle. How often do you carry something from the sink in the kitchen and drop a bit of water on the floor? Often! […]

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