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What Makes a Good Work Space.

After 10 years of teaching at Zayed University I have finally created a working environment that inspires me. How often does a university professor speak about being inspired by their office? My office is small, has a minimal amount of furniture, little storage and the walls are being used. But what makes the office work […]

New Media to New Education, living convergence! A humble start.

The world of media and the world of technology are changing, whether they like it or not. As much as we talk about new media and new education both seem to be caught in the mud of their old ways. TV/radio/press/film all talk new but are doing very little that is new. New media is […]

The power of a good Story

Last night I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Chris Johns the Editor in Chief of National Geographic Magazine. Since 2005 Johns has led the magazine and its redesign, his photojournalism roots are very obvious! Johns is worth listening to not only because he has gone from being a photographer to editor of a […]

Love what you do! And it all happens!

Radio is a great industry in the UAE for one selfish reason, I get to talk to all sorts of people I would otherwise never have the opportunity to speak with. I spoke with Luqman and Ali from MPAC Sports last night and was inspired. These guys are true basketball stars from Chicago. No I […]

Innovation X2.

Innovation is a word, idea, concept even a dream that is tossed around today like common currency. There is a lot of innovation going on that we see and realize and even more going on that we don’t see. The easy see is the blatant technology the iThis or iThat. The more difficult innovation is […]

Tech/ideas/guts/time=anyone can wow

Ever wanted to make that kick butt film? And what stopped you? Technology, cost, ability are the usual call to arms. I have been telling my students, and anyone who will listen, that you can do anything in media you want if you are clever and use what you have to its maximum potential! Well […]

The Idea Seed! To Idea farm!

There is no question that today ideas are a very important commodity, yet there has been little done to tap into the huge number of ideas out there. One of the problems of course is people/investors don’t know where to find the ideas. Another problem is that people with ideas don’t know where to find […]

Welcome to the time of de-sensitization!

On Nightline we are now getting the response of people in the UAE to the nagging questions of the moment. Last night I asked the UAE how they felt about the growing global phenomenon to use video surveillance,  whether it works or not, in public and private environments. The response was very interesting. While all were in agreement […]

Why education stumbles.

For the most part the education as we know it is a process that works. But I think it could be working a whole lot better. I am also pretty sure that education, the enterprise, never really reaches its stride for one simple reason, coordination! Take any average University today, they have several hundred faculty, […]

Looking for education innovation

There is a lot of noise out there today and too much of it revolves around innovation that is not innovation at all. Mark Hurst of Good Experience spends a lot of time looking at the experience we have in a retail and even education environment and has tapped into 3 examples of innovation on the […]

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