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Lessons from Cory Doctorow and more.

I think we need to spend a lot more time making lists and reflecting on what and who inspires us. But a list in and of itself is a pretty useless thing. The value of your inspiration list is it might open the door to a whole new set of ideas for others. So don’t […]

What are you worth?

How do we quantify our value? This is the question that we constantly find ourselves asking, especially when you are looking at an employment contract and deciding whether to continue to negotiate or take it. The problem we face as a workforce is, as Seth Godin put it in a recent blog post, that we […]

Just start! The Future of the UAE

I had the opportunity to speak with Nayla Al Khaja, CEO of D-Seven, about her career as a film producer. Confident? Totally. Driven? Totally. Proud? Absolutely. So why are more women not looking at her and just going for it? Nayla started at HCT in the UAE and learned her film craft at Ryerson in […]

Why are we doing… this?

?Why? Why? Why? We need to ask what the purpose of our time investment is! No purpose, why do it!

Are we teaching to success or excuses?

Two things happen this time of the year for a professor. First the professor starts thinking about the 7 weeks of vacation that is staring them in the face. Yes academics are not the most highly paid people on the planet BUT they do get great holidays. The second thing that happens this time of […]

Trust You? Are we allowed?

Trust. Trust in ourselves is as far as I’m concerned one of the greatest lost commodities today. We spend way too much time wanting people to tell us what we are doing is OK. Are you telling me you do not know when your work is sub standard? Are you telling me you can not […]

Can a professor be a social media expert?

www.gapingvoid.com for the image! Social media is an important part of our education, communication, political and economic environments today. I have seen the writing on the wall for a bit over 2 years and the writing is in neon paint! The problem we are confronted with is academia really has not been listening, walking around […]

New CCMS and New Media Institutions!

Zayed University’s College of Communication and Media Sciences is reinventing itself, as of next year a brand new curriculum will be taught. Some may ask why change? The media environment is changing and many, including me, will say the change is for the good. But others will say journalism is on a death march why […]

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