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The New Face of Media-thinking.

TEDxDubai did many things and one of the most important things was give the UAE permission to push its media bar in a totally different direction. Leo Laporte made a wonderful daring presentation to TEDxDubai. The media is changing but are we ready? Do we believe the media environment is really changing? Call our media […]

Journalism the new face

A conversation with Abbas Al Lawati about his time on the Freedom Floatilla. Abbas Al Lawati is the Gulf News reporter from Dubai who was on the Freedom Floatilla as it steamed towards Gaza. What is the role of the reporter? To report? To be an observer? To tell a story? Abbas found himself in […]

The New Way to Present Academia

It is time to modernize the way we academics present the fruit of what we do in the Ivory Tower. Lets face it we academics are without doubt experts in not only HOW teaching and learning takes place and is disseminated today but we are also experts in our own particular fields of study. So […]

Idea Space… DIY!

I love the idea of Idea Paint. The 1st thing I love is the site. When you go watch the upload counter and stop it to see the words! 00=limitations or zero limitations, very cool! The second thing I like is the institutionalized idea of breaking the rules and thinking out loud all over the […]

An Education rethink?

There is no better place to be than the UAE when it comes to rethinking how education can, should and might be delivered to meet the challenges the next generation will face. Primary and secondary education is rapidly evolving in the UAE and trying to come to grips with the lessons from welfare states around […]

Just a Great Product

I was at TED2009 where the first version of this bag was given out. I love the commuter and don’t leave home without it, and I put a 17 inch machine into it! Simply a great product! What makes it great is the designers have thought not only about the look and feel but also […]

Wandering off the Path.

Students, professionals, education they all seem to be geared around the idea that we have some idea what we want to do and that we can study today for the path of tomorrow. Over and over again I have told my students that what we learn at school is secondary to the process. Sure there […]

Do Academics Design Lectures for the Space of Delivery?

I was watching David Byrne’s TED video where he was talking about music and the room. It makes a lot of sense that music would be created for the way and where it would be played. Does this apply to other presentations? In particular I am thinking about academics like myself. How much time, when […]

Designing a Convergent Media Space

If you could dream big and design the ultimate learning/lab space to transform the way we think and do communication today what would it look like? The problem, and there is a problem, is that the space needs to function as a classroom, lecture hall, studio, think tank, recording facility, technology incubator, and new convergent […]

Does a University need a Chief Experience Officer?

I spend a lot of time reading business publications and blogs. If you put in a day digesting Seth Godin, Tom Peters, ChangeThis and then throw in IDEO,┬áDiego Rodriguez and for good measure Mark Hurst you not only have a very sound reading list on business, creativity and leadership but also a question on your […]

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