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Ian Gilbert @ TEDxDubai 2009 Re-Imagining Education.

Ian Gilbert Live at TEDxDubai 2009. I had the pleasure of meeting Ian Gilbert about a year ago. I instantly knew that Ian had a story to tell and many people with ear plugs in need to listen and hard! We have a global education crisis today because bureaucrats, CFO’s (chief failure officers), accountants and […]

You Know TED how about GEL?

You know I am a TED fan and will be going to TED2011 as well as co-curating TEDxDubai this coming December. But there is another group that you might not have heard of and need to also look at! GEL  Short for “Good Experience Live” You are scratching your head right? Well here is what […]

Can you laugh at yourself?

How do you measure the success of a nation? Wealth, education, power, military, population or none of the above? I  am a bit slow on the uptake but have really come to realize that the success of a nation is directly proportional to the ability of a population to laugh at itself. Sounds silly but […]

Block out the noise and focus! Magic will happen

There are a lot of distractions today. Do this, help that, think this, be that, there are an endless number of demands on us and we cannot do it all. The problem for many, is because of noise, they do nothing! Mark Drewelow of C2C has managed to block out the noise, focus, and in […]

The app revolution.

Who doesn’t use the word app at least once a week? We all do! The fact that the app is becoming a new part of our life is an exciting new frontier for education. On one hand the app might be the way to take what we do in the classroom to a whole new […]

Back to Basics! Leadership 101

Recently I have been very vocal about my children leaving the Taaleem education group in the UAE. The recent 6000 dirham hike in student fees at Uptown School was the straw that broke the camels back. What Taaleem was,Beacon Education, and where it is going is no longer clear to me. In 2005 I was […]

Have we missed the point about the demise of journalism?

There is a lot of talk, globally, about why journalism is in the state it is. Some point a finger at politics, others culture, others economics and many say WWW! So what is it? How do we even begin to think about the change that is happening in our communication landscape? I point you to […]

Audiences are like (they are) our students.

As a media educator I spend a lot of time pondering 3 things. 1. how do we get the next generation of media professionals trained for an unknown environment 2. what is happening to the old media 3. how do we engage the audience I was happy to read in Forbes.com that I am not […]

What if the way we educate is all wrong?

Last night I had a conversation with Sheena Reynolds, an occupational therapist, who with her husband has designed a school The British Institute for Learning Development to fix the wrongs of the traditional education process. And it seems to work! Education Re-Boot with Sheena Reynolds Nightline a Conversation

Into the unknown with technology!

On almost a daily basis I meet students who ask the age old question, “why do we need to learn this anyway?” The simple answer is we go to  school to learn how to act on our curiosity. We are all curious right? School provides a means to shape that curiosity, and if the student […]

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