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The power of youth!

The single greatest problem today is not listening to our youth! Why is that an issue? We professors, we bureaucrats, we parents, we …. are truly bankrupt of creative ideas. What we do have is a means to implement ideas but what we lack are ideas, new innovative,creative ideas. Look at Greece! How do they […]

I have been following Cory Doctorow for some time. Whether it is on BoingBoing or his own site Cory Doctorow is what we can call a switched on guy. One of the most interesting rants from Cory I have read in a while is about the iPad! I have posted a piece here BUT if […]

Manage Distraction.

This weekend I realized that we all have a huge amount of creativity on tap to offer! Yet when you look around the number of people acting on their creativity is pretty small. Why? I think it all comes down to distraction! On the whole we are far too distracted and because of the distraction […]

Technology re-think.

The greatest mistake you can make when it comes to technology is buying into something without knowing why! If you are getting on the technology train to be like the masses you are doing so for the wrong reason and are likely to resent the whole experience! -twitter -facebook -myspace -delicious -Vimeo -YouTube These are […]

What about food?

If there is one thing we are all have an interest in it is food! Yet, when it comes to food we fail miserably to really think about how it can have an impact on our lives and the lives of those around us. Jamie Oliver won this years TED Prize and hopes to create […]

who can be an entrepreneur?

Abu Dhabi Forum on Entrepreneurship Nightline a Conversation Can you learn to be an entrepreneur? Do we all have what it takes? I am not so sure and I am certainly not sure that any school can actually teach you to be an entrepreneur! Look at the number of MBA’s out there, using the logic […]

How do we get beyond conflict?

Conflict is a part of our political, economic, social, and even romantic lives. And you know what? In 2010 we are no better at dealing with conflict than in 0010! I had a great conversation with Dr. Kennon Rider about relationships and marriage, but came to realize that the core message he was delivering can […]

Brand You?

Back from a great surf break and full of ideas! After a while in Bali you start to ask yourself, ‘how can I make this lifestyle more permanent?’ One of the obvious answers is you need to create a way to make your skills of some marketable value beyond sending out a CV to a […]