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It is how we see things!

Conflict takes up an extraordinary amount of our lives. We live conflict, we spectate conflict and we speculate on it. Yet, we spend far too little time thinking about why we are in conflict. And we spend even less time acting on the small things to ease if not eliminate the conflict outright. The greatest […]

Do students want the education they need?

This may sound like a silly question with the obvious answer being YES, but wait a second. We are sitting on the break of an education revolution and the mobile environment is just the leading edge of the emerging wave. This Fast Company slide show tells us a lot about the very young student and […]

Do we need ethics training?

I was involved in the Global Media Ethics Roundtable 2010 last week. OK, GMER2010 was no TED and not even close to a TEDxDubai, but it was very interesting. What was interesting about 14 academics talking ethics from the theory through to the practice in broadcasting and a lot in between? What I realized is […]

It all depends how you look and read things.

This is a great piece of video that truly does make you think about not only what we see and think about but how we contextualize things. Content is important BUT context is also very important. Do you really listen? When you are listening do you get the point? Or do you hear what you […]

Teaching Point.

Just a little observation. Today a student asked me about what was required of a practicum exercise. We are going to be reporting on the 2nd Global Media Ethics Roundtable using social media tools. The students question was can I post a video and be done? I suppose but what a waste of time and […]

You know you are doing something right.

How often do you look in the mirror after you have done a days work and ask, “is it getting through?” I suspect all too often we miss the signs that what we are doing is having an impact. Today I was working with a class on an end of term project and gave the […]

Content is king!

Last night on Nightline I had a great conversation about content syndication! I am not talking RSS but how you can get content that is market ready into the market! Imagine that academic paper that can be reformatted and become a valuable business piece. How does this effect you? Are you a person who writes? […]

A morning with Darren Shan.

OK, I would be tellingĀ  fib if I said I tucked into Darren Shan books on a regular basis. I took my son to listen to Darren Shan at the Emirates Airlines International Literature Festival in Dubai and realized I have missed something grand! Thanks to the power of QIK.com and my iPhone I have […]

What do students really want.

You may be asking why have my last couple of posts been very pointedly about education? The obvious answer is that I spend a portion of my day in the classroom, at the university level, and deal 1st hand with the education realities of the day. I am also part of a group of educators […]

In search of the next best thing!

I wonder if at times the institutions of education are doing us a dis-service? Think about it for a minute, we want people to take risks, create the next best thing, work as teams and WOW the population. And we learn this where? School. Sure we have IB schools that claim to do this BUT […]

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