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Bring on the mobile media!

I have been doing some experimentation with mobile media and breaking my own rules! The main rule I live by with mobile media is keep it short! I have been recording my classes at the university and formatting them for an iPhone! The lectures are about 60 minutes and they actually seem to have a […]

How transperent do we want our education? Bring on the curious public!

By the very nature of going to a school, 4 walls to separate the students from the curious, and then rooms to further separate the spectators from the curious, we have bought into an idea of education that promotes elitism and anything but transparency! Teachers go behind closed doors and deliver classes to a small […]


I was reading my daily page of “U2 by U2”, a book about the band that very surprisingly is filled with anecdotes and ideas that can inform the way we think about education, business and even our personal interactions! Today’s gem in the rough was Bono talking about how in 2000 it felt to him […]

du CEO Osman Sultan where are we going?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to Mr. Osman Sultan, the ceo of du int he UAE, talk about his vision of how a content delivery provider can and will play a role in the future of Arab media. The real issues comes down to what is media today and what will media be […]

People do care! How can we show it?

We read all about the bad side of humanity in the press and we watch the worst side of it on TV, it is amazing we all don’t want to lock ourselves away for fear that if we need some help nobody will offer it! Yesterday I was reminded why Dubai, yes Dubai, is such […]

How to start!

We are bombarded with suggestions about what is the matter with the world and what we might want to do about it. We are buried in possibility really! After watching TED 2010, no I was not there but really did wanted to be, I realized that part of our personal problem with activating ideas t […]

I was not at TED this year, lived TED via the video feed.

I love the description of www.ted.com as something like the Sundance Festival for geeks and ideas! This year I was not in the audience at TED, and how I missed the buzz! As much as I could I watched the live feed of the show and tweeted my observations, #jamesed_me. Even though I lived only […]

Do we need more social connections in the classroom.

I am wrestling with the use of technology in my university classes. To be very honest the use of new communication technology excites me! I love the way Twitter, #jamesed_me, allows me to communicate links, materials and ideas to my students. Facebook creates another forum for interaction, especially if the group is protected. Livestream allows […]

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