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Story of hope story of change

I keep running into people who are doing these amazing things, I like to call them my own private TED talks. Last night I met Natalie Carney on Nightline and wow what a story! From Facebook to YouTube this woman is really bent on bringing a face to the forgotten victims in Afghanistan, the orphaned […]

Reading a Jewel

Reading, hard copy, and for the simple pleasure of ideas on a printed page. Who would pick up a book about U2 and think they would find a motivational text, an entrepreneurial guide, a students handbook and comic tease all wedged into one package? Well this is just that book! I picked up the book […]

Talk, listen and wonder was it worth it, UAE conversations

What is the price of an opinion? Mishaal Al Gergawi has come on my radio show and spends his day at the Dubai Cultural Authority, he is a switched on Emirati no doubt. It is always interesting to read what a young Emirati has to say about Dubai, here is his article from the Gulf […]

Branding for Women

For the last few years I have been very interested in how we brand ideas and concepts for the different segments of the population. The mud on the wall method of delivering content, if some sticks it is ok approach, is simply not good enough. Again and again I return to Michele Miller and Wonder […]

Just got back my time!

For years my wife has been telling me that we are in the middle of one of the greatest con-jobs ever, time theft! I am sure you are repeating those words, time theft and wondering what can I be talking about. Well, if you are anything like me you spend a bit of time on […]

The new world of work

THE 2009 DALTON CAMP LECTURE IN JOURNALISM Listen One of the toughest parts of working in education is knowing that you are teaching a group of students of which some will go into careers that at this exact moment do not exist. So, the question has to be, am I giving them the skills they […]

apps are the future.

The 4th screen (your mobile/cellular phone) holds the key to your information world. And are we teaching app creation, management, imagination in our schools? I suspect many teachers/professors have only a passing knowledge about apps given that they are not using phones that easily take on board advanced applications. My advice to students, anyone really, […]

Why we fail?

One of our greatest problems today is the silo culture of education. Business schools do not talk to design schools who do not talk to education schools who do not talk to IT schools and nobody is talking to the cooking schools. Well, if the core elements of our education system are not relating to […]

Think Niche

You want to know what our problem is? We collectively think too much about the big picture and the latest and greatest technology FAILING to realize that we live, work and breath the small picture and that most of us are using old tech (over a year old) to do most everything! Want to succeed? […]

Find the motivation $$$

Stuart Flemming of enviroserve.ae spoke to me about how we can motivate companies to be more environmentally friendly! A conversation with Stuart Flemming of Enviroserve.ae about motivating environmental change! Flemming has just launched enviroAudits that make it clear how much you can save by making simple changes, it is all in black and white! Once […]

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